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Which underlay should I buy for carpet?

Which underlay should I buy for carpet?

It’s the first question we get asked.

When a customer gets in touch, perhaps feeling a little confused and overwhelmed by the sheer number of products available, there’s one thing they want to know:

Which is the best underlay to use for carpet?

Fortunately, we’ve worked in this industry for many years now. Not only do we have unrivalled knowledge of the best carpet underlays available, we know our products like the back of our hand. Here we share some of our expertise to (hopefully!) make your purchase a little bit easier.


Plushwalk 12mm – the ‘gold standard’ of carpet underlay

If you’re fitting carpet at home, nine times out of ten, our recommendation is Plushwalk 12mm.

This is the ‘gold standard’. A highly-respected carpet underlay that has dominated the market for a few years now. Cut from thick ‘bounce-back’ memory foam, it’s designed to create exceptional underfoot comfort and offers a wide range of useful properties. For example, it:

  • provides excellent sound and heat insulation
  • prevents dampness and moisture
  • is durable and guaranteed to last a long time
  • resists furniture indents and impressions
  • is lightweight and easy to install

Further information on this leading product can be found in our recent blogs ‘5 reasons to invest in Plushwalk’ and ‘Which is the best carpet underlay for 2020?’. Available for just £6.99 per m2, it’s an affordable yet luxury option – and is deemed the no.1 choice for most home-based projects.


Best carpet underlay

However, before you add it to your basket, there are a few things you should consider:


1. Where will the underlay be laid?

Ultimately, the right underlay for you will depend on where you wish to install it.

Plushwalk 12mm is incredibly soft and comfortable underfoot. Its memory foam structure will maximise the plush nature of your carpet, creating impressive results and making the room feel warm and cosy. As such, it’s the perfect option for a lounge, bedroom, dining room, or stairway. But if you’re looking to lay carpet in a busy hallway or landing, it may not be the best choice.

These areas of the home experience a high level of daily foot-traffic. Here, comfort is less of a priority than durability. And a wool or crumb rubber product – such as the Sterling Royale Combination Underlay – may be more suitable, providing a little extra protection where it’s needed the most.


2. How much are you looking to pay?

Plushwalk 12mm is, without a doubt, the best carpet underlay that money can buy. But if it’s out of your price range, there are many other excellent memory foam products with a smaller price tag.

For example, Deepstep 11mm Underlay is a fantastic alternative. This is currently available for £3.33 per m2, with a full roll costing just £59.99. Yet it still boasts some great qualities. And, whilst it may not be as high-performing as Plushwalk 12mm, it’s a good option for those on a strict budget.


3. Will it be installed with underfloor heating?

If you plan to install underlay with underfloor heating, it needs to have a much lower TOG than usual. In fact, the combined TOG rating of the underlay and the flooring shouldn’t exceed 3 – as anything above this will create a ‘heat barrier’ and reduce the efficiency of the heating system.

As previously noted, Plushwalk 12mm has excellent insulating properties and boasts a high TOG rating of 3.3 TOG. It wouldn’t be suitable for this kind of project. Therefore, instead, we typically recommend Thermal Stream Underfloor Heating Underlay – a revolutionary product, that boasts a low 1.1 TOG, without compromising on thickness, sound insulation or underfoot comfort.


Some of the best carpet underlays available in our store


Still not sure on the best underlay for you?

You’re welcome to get in touch at any time. For most projects, the Plushwalk 12mm Memory Foam Underlay is likely to be our recommendation. But we’re happy to help in any way that we can and will gladly offer tailored advice on the best carpet underlay for your specific requirements.

To chat with one of our experts, simply give us a call on 0203 887 0994. Or if you prefer, send an email to and we’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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