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Underlay for Underfloor Heating

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Underfloor heating is becoming an increasingly popular option.

Not only is it energy efficient, it offers a comfortable heat source – and is often used in new homes, particularly in the self-build and commercial development sectors. But for it to work effectively, it needs to be installed correctly with a suitable underfloor heating underlay.

As a leading supplier, we have a wide selection for you to choose from – including underlays for use with both hydronic and forced air underfloor heating, and options to be paired with carpet, wood, laminate and vinyl. All of which are designed to work alongside your heating element – facilitating its performance, whilst ensuring your flooring looks and feels its best.

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Does underfloor heating work with carpet and underlay?

Aside from feeling soft and comfy underfoot, a key role of carpet is to add a layer of insulation.

Essentially, it creates a thermal barrier, which prevents cold air from transferring from the subfloor into the room – particularly during the winter months. Which is why many people have concerns about using carpet (and carpet underlay) with their underfloor heating systems. Surely the extra two layers will limit the transfer of heat?

We appreciate how counterproductive it may seem. But rest assured, this isn’t the case. It’s perfectly possible to install underfloor heating with carpet and underlay and still achieve efficient heat transfer – providing you choose a carpet with a low TOG rating and a high heat transfer, such as Thermal Stream Carpet Underlay, which is specifically designed to work with underfloor heating systems of all types, including electric (dry), hydronic (water) or forced air circulation.

More information on this topic can be found in our blog.



Choosing the best underfloor heating underlay

To maximise the performance of your underfloor heating system, it’s important to choose your floor covering and underlay very carefully – paying close attention to their TOG value.

Here at Carpet Underlay Shop, we stock a range of underlays that are all specifically designed for use with underfloor heating – both with carpets and hard floorings, such as laminates and wood.  Generally speaking, these tend to have a very low TOG rating – plus a range of other features intended to maximise the efficiency of the heating system.

The ideal product for you will depend on the type of flooring you’re looking to lay and your budget. However, for most projects, we typically recommend the following options:


  • Best for use with carpets:

ThermalStream Underfloor Heating Carpet Underlay

ThermalStream® is by far the best carpet underlay for underfloor heating.

This is a revolutionary product for numerous reasons.

Constructed from a unique foam with perforated ‘air thermal pockets’, it limits thermal resistance – allowing warm air to circulate much faster and enhancing heat transfer by up to 20%.

It also boasts a low TOG rating of 0.8, meaning it can be paired with most carpets – including the thickest and most sumptuous – without reducing the efficiency of the heating.

Despite this low TOG, measuring 10mm, it's still one of the thickest underlays available – demonstrating excellent levels of underfoot comfort and impressive sound reduction (up to 36dB).

Available for £125.95 per roll, it’s an affordable product – that will help to optimise the overall performance of your underfloor heating and ensure your new carpet looks and feels its best.

Thanks to their low TOG ratings, Duralay HeatFlow and Cloud 9 Radiance are also both good options for carpeted rooms with underfloor heating.


  • Best for use with wood, laminate or vinyl click flooring:

For use with wood and laminate flooring, we recommend Thermal Pro X Underlay.

Featuring the latest technology and created with the efficiency of underfloor heating in mind, this has an extremely low 0.3 TOG rating – which prevents heat from getting trapped below the surface. And thanks to a series of punched holes in the foam structure, it successfully promotes the circulation of warm air and maximises the transfer of heat into the room.

Thermal Pro X also demonstrates fantastic acoustic properties and improves underfoot comfort.

Priced at just £59.99 per roll, it’s one of the best underlays for underfloor heating available.


Got a question about underlay and underfloor heating systems?

Here at Carpet Underlay Shop, our knowledge of underlay for underfloor heating is second to none. We have a wide range of options that can be used with carpets, laminates and wooden floors – perfect for optimising the heating system’s performance, enhancing underfoot comfort, and ensuring maximum heat transfer into the surrounding environment.

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If you want to find out more, or would like tailored advice on the best underlay for your specific underfloor heating system, please feel free to get in touch. Either call our sales team on 0203 887 0994 or send an email to

ThermalStream Underfloor Heating Carpet Underlay
ThermalStream Underfloor Heating Carpet Underlay

Underfloor Heating Underlay

From Only £8.46
Thermo Pro X - Multi-Surface Underfloor Heating Underlay
Thermo Pro X - Multi-Surface Underfloor Heating Underlay

Wood & Laminate Underlay

RRP: £59.99
SAVE: 46% or £27.49 Only £3.25
Cloud 9 Radiance Carpet Underlay from £5.10 Per m2
Cloud 9 Radiance Carpet Underlay from £5.10 Per m2

PU Foam Carpet Underlay

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Full roll of Duralay HeatFlow Carpet Underlay
Duralay HeatFlow Carpet Underlay from £9.56 per m2

Rubber Carpet Underlay

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Duralay HeatFlow Laminate Underlay Full Roll
Duralay HeatFlow - Laminate Underlay from £8.08 Per m2

Wood & Laminate Underlay

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Duralay King Carpet Underlay - Full Roll
Tredaire King Carpet Underlay from £9.31 Per m2

Rubber Carpet Underlay

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Unrolling QuickTherm Thermal Underlay
QuickTherm Thermal Underlay only £3.39 Per m2

Wood & Laminate Underlay

Only £3.39
Roma Carpet Underlay Underfloor Heating from £6.77 per m2
Roma Carpet Underlay Underfloor Heating from £6.77 per m2

Rubber Carpet Underlay

From Only £6.77