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Rug Anti-Slip

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A quality Anti Slip Rug Grip suitable for use with carpet, ceramic tiles, solid wood, vinyl and laminate floors.

The anti slip rug underlay we provide at Carpet Underlay Shop is manufactured in the UK and offers great value. In addition to this, our non-slip rug underlay is easy to install and can instantly improve the quality of your home, in terms of retaining heat and providing underfoot comfort.

For areas within the home that experience heavy foot traffic, the anti slip underlay is an ideal solution, it can maintain your carpet for longer, despite it being frequently used. The Anti-Kreep rug underlay is perfect for removing any marks or curling corners caused by furniture, allowing the carpet to sit evenly for longer.

To avoid the likelihood of dangers, slips and falls, you’ll want to use our anti slip rug underlay. Although the anti slip rug underlay is extremely practical and reliable, it is also designed to offer luxurious cushioning and is easy to clean.

Sold by the linear Metre for ease of use.

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Anti-Kreep Rug Underlay
Anti-Kreep Rug Underlay

Rug Anti-Slip

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2mm Anti-Slip Rug Underlay Various Sizes


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