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Stairs Underlay

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How many times do you go up and down the stairs each day? We’re guessing it’s a lot. This area of the home receives the highest level of foot traffic – and, unsurprisingly, this can take its toll on the carpet. So why not add a little extra protection and invest in high-quality underlay for your stairs?

Here at Carpet Underlay Shop, we have collated a range of products that are perfect for this job. There’s something to suit all carpet styles and, whatever your budget, we’re here to help. 

Which is the best underlay for stairs?

Stair underlay to withstand heavy foot traffic needs to have a good compression recovery ratio and only a few products tick the right boxes. We've picked the best and recommend Plushwalk 10mm underlay which uses memory foam and has a 92% recover compression rate vs standard recycled foams which are around 78%. This means that it returns to its original thickness faster and for longer.

Plushwalk 10mm - The one we recommend

Constructed from memory foam, this stairs carpet underlay is designed to be resilient for repeated footsteps in the same place. It provides sufficient cushioning for high-traffic areas and reduces impact noise by up to 45dB.

Available for a competitive price, they could be just what you need to enhance the feel of your staircase carpet – and significantly extend its lifespan.  

How much does underlay for stairs cost?

This depends on the product chosen and the amount of underlay that you require. But rest assured, here at Carpet Underlay Shop, we strive to be as competitive as possible. All of our stairs underlay is available for a reasonable price, starting from just £39.99 per half roll.

Ready to order stairs carpet underlay?

Just browse the collection, pick the best product for your needs, and add to basket.

If you have any questions about underlay for stairs or any other room of the house, you’re also welcome to get in touch. Either give us a call on 0203 887 0994 or send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Wilsons Plushwalk 10mm Carpet Underlay From £6.50 per m2
Wilsons Plushwalk 10mm Carpet Underlay From £6.50 per m2

PU Foam Carpet Underlay

From Only £6.50
Super Velvet Wool & Rubber Crumb Carpet Underlay
Super Velvet Wool & Rubber Crumb Carpet Underlay

Combination (Felt & Rubber) Carpet Underlay

From Only £9.90