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Laminate Flooring Underlay

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About to install new hardwood or laminate? Be sure to buy laminate underlay. Many people believe that underlay isn’t necessary for this particular type of flooring. But, if you wish to create the best possible finish, it’s a highly worthwhile investment – that offers a wide range of advantages.

Here at Carpet Underlay Shop, we stock several underlays that are specifically designed for use with wooden or laminate flooring. Most are appropriate for both domestic and commercial use. However, the best one for you will depend on where you wish to install the laminate underlay and what you would like it to achieve (e.g. improve underfoot comfort, add thermal protection etc.).

Several leading brands are currently available within this range, including Royale, Duralay, Cloud 9, Novostrat and Roberts, to name just a few. We also stock a comprehensive selection of wood and laminate accessories. So, whatever your laminate underlay needs, we have the solution.

Why do I need laminate flooring underlay?

Laminate and wood underlay has many benefits. First and foremost, it can help to correct an uneven subfloor – smoothing out any imperfections and creating the perfect surface for laying your wood or laminate. This can help to both simplify and speed up the installation process.

It will enhance the overall look, feel and performance of your flooring. By adding an extra layer between the laminate and subfloor, laminate underlay helps to improve underfoot comfort and limits the transfer of sound and heat between various levels of the building. Rooms will become warmer for longer and both impact and airborne noises will be significantly reduced.

Laminate flooring underlay also prevents moisture and damp build-up. It protects the wood or laminate from everyday wear and tear and can extend its lifespan by up to 50%.

Which is the best underlay for laminate flooring?

We often recommend the Royale Fibreboard 7mm Underlay. Ideal for both home and commercial use, it has an impressive sound reduction rating of 26dB and benefits from a lightweight construction. It will also successfully level your subfloor ready for installation. Available for just £1.99 per m2, it’s an effective and affordable laminate underlay that is suitable for most jobs.

Get in touch for information on laminate flooring underlay

If you have any questions about wood underlay or would like further advice on the best underlay for your laminate flooring, please feel free to get in touch. We’re always happy to be of assistance and can supply underlay samples on request. Either give us a call on 0203 887 0994 or send an email to and we’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.