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Vinyl Flooring Underlay

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Here at Carpet Underlay Shop, we are always looking to find innovative products that provide you with the best value for money, hence the introduction of Soundclick Vinyl Underlay!

Our vinyl flooring underlay is a new product which works perfectly with click Vinyl, so don’t hesitate to find something suitable in our range today. The vinyl underlay we provide incorporates a low-tog rating making it perfect for working in conjunction with underfloor heating, and can be installed to almost any room in the home.

The underlay for vinyl is ideal for holding your vinyl flooring in place as it features an anti-slip top surface.

The process of installation is simple, it requires little to no downtime but is extremely effective in providing a non-slip low tog vinyl underlay to work alongside your vinyl flooring.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

SoundClick Vinyl Click Flooring Underlay
SoundClick Vinyl Click Flooring Underlay from 4.62 per m2

Underlay For Vinyl Flooring

Only £4.62