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The latest and best underlay for wood and laminate

The latest and best underlay for wood and laminate
For a long time, Royale Supreme Gold Foil 6mm Underlay has been regarded as the best underlay for wood and laminate flooring. It was our top recommendation, here at Carpet Underlay Shop. But now, there’s a new kid on the block…

 The Royale Professional Sonic Gold 7mm Underlay.

This has been engineered and manufactured by the same brand. But it boasts a number of superior properties and supersedes the 6mm version in practically every way. So much so, that it is used by high-end professionals and specified in the most advanced architectural buildings to date.

Here we explore why it should be your no. 1 choice for projects moving forward.


Best underlay for wood and laminate flooring


What makes 7mm Gold Underlay so special?

1. A unique foam formula

The Professional Sonic Gold 7mm Underlay benefits from a unique foam structure, known as AeroFoam. AeroFoam has only recently been developed – thanks to new and innovative manufacturing techniques – and is significantly better than other closed-cell foams available.

For example, it offers ultimate levels of sound insulation. It can reduce impact sound by 37dB; a notable improvement on 6mm Gold Underlay, which reduces sound by just 26dB. It also demonstrates superior heat insulation, with a TOG rating of 1 (compared to 0.9). And, as the foam is much higher density, it evens out more imperfections in the subfloor and has excellent levelling qualities.


2. Advanced foil backing

Compared to its 6mm product, Royale’s 7mm Professional Underlay has a much thicker gold-foil backing. This provides two advantages. Firstly, it adds extra insulation and contributes towards its higher TOG rating. Secondly, it creates a more advanced and effective damp proof membrane.

As long as the underlay is fitted correctly, it will successfully create a moisture barrier between the subfloor and your chosen floor covering – and dampness will be unable to get into the foam.


3. Easy installation

Despite being thicker, the 7mm Gold Underlay is still very lightweight and easy-to-install. In fact, the installation process is exactly the same as that for the 6mm underlay. Which means, you can reap the benefits of a first-rate product, without the hassle or expense of needing a professional fitter.

Just lay the gold-side down (facing towards the subfloor) and secure the rolls together using Barrier Pro X Tape. It’s as simple as that. And for additional guidance on how to do this correctly, you can also refer to our detailed step-by-step installation guide – ‘‘How to lay sonic gold underlay’.


Tools for installing the best underlay for laminate


Ready to invest in the best underlay for laminate and wood?

Here at Carpet Underlay Shop, we’re incredibly proud to be a stockist of this leading product. It’s currently priced at £5.80 per m2, which is a little more expensive than Royale’s 6mm Gold Foil. But it is a very high-performance product. Deemed the best underlay for laminate and wood flooring currently on market, in our opinion, it’s worth every single penny for what it has to offer.

So, why not take a look today and invest in this superior underlay for your next project?

If you have any questions or would like further information on the latest underlays available in our store, please feel free to get in touch. You can either give us a call on 0203 887 0994 to speak to a member of the team, or send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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