Click Fraud Which Is The Best Carpet Underlay For 2019?

Which Is The Best Carpet Underlay For 2019?

Which Is The Best Carpet Underlay For 2019?

The Best Carpet Underlay To Date

You're probably baffled by so many choices of underlay that are for sale online - I mean who would think you'd have to be researching for carpet underlay when buying your new carpets?

Over years gone by, products are changing, just like fashion comes and goes - it's the same with underlay, from the 1950s there was paper used as underlay, after there was fibre underlay up to around the 1990s, then came rubber underlay up to the year 2000, finally from 2000 onwards was the introduction of PU Foam underlays which have dominated the underlay market due to its softness feeling underfoot, light weight and fitter friendly aspects.

Predominately up to 2016, most PU underlays are made using general 'multi coloured' foams which comes from a variety of different foam products such as sofas, beds, even foam from women's bra's.. but recently a new product called Plushwalk has been introduced which now has memory foam in the underlay - the type you sleep on! So under a carpet, creates a whole new world to walk on - ultimate luxury and softness underfoot (lovely). But not only does it make your carpets feel astonishing, it also helps hugely on reducing impact & airborne noise and furthermore, heat insulation.

Don't be fooled by your carpet fitter who says their underlay is the best, or avoid the internet because of X Y and Z. Do your research and be smart. We're proud to say we've been in business over 35 Years and all our knowledge on every product is passed on to you.

You can buy Plushwalk on our website, we recommend the 12mm thick version as this is the thickness version they do. Click Here To View.


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  • Miles Thorp