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Which underlay do I need for wood flooring?

Which underlay do I need for wood flooring?

Underlay for wood flooring.

It’s an important purchase. One that can make a huge difference to the final look and feel of your new floor – so, you want to be 100% sure that you’re buying the best product for the job.

But with a large range of products to choose from, how do you know which that is?

Luckily, here at Carpet Underlay Shop, we’ve worked in this industry for many years now. Not only do we have excellent knowledge of the best underlays for wood flooring, we know our products inside-out – and will gladly advise on the ideal one for you. All you have to do is give us a call.  

In the meantime, here we share a little of our expertise to help ease your confusion.


The ‘gold standard’ of wood underlay

Whether you’re looking to install real hardwood or engineered wood flooring, in our expert opinion, the best product currently available is Royale Professional Sonic Gold 7mm Underlay.

This is a relatively new addition to our collection. It’s very similar to the Royale Supreme Gold Foil 6mm Underlay – which, until very recently, would have been our recommendation. But this latest product has significantly raised the benchmark – improving upon the 6mm version on all of its key features and becoming the no.1 choice for both domestic and commercial projects.

With a unique and innovative foam structure (known as AeroFoam) and a thick gold-foil backing, this leading wood underlay has a range of superior properties. For example, it:

  • offers ultimate levels of sound insulation, reducing impact sounds by 37dB
  • provides superb heat insulation, with a high TOG rating of 1
  • benefits from an advanced damp proof membrane
  • levels out most floor imperfections due to its 7mm thickness
  • is lightweight and easy to install
  • is resilient to furniture and guaranteed to last

Further information on the Royale 7mm Gold Underlay – and why it is so highly regarded – can be found in our recent blog ‘The latest and best underlay for wood and laminate’. But to summarise, this is a first-class product. Available for just £5.80 per m2, it’s the best underlay for wood flooring that money can buy and is used by professionals, modern architects and homeowners alike.


The best underlay for wood flooring


Factors to consider when buying wood underlay

Of course, there are a couple of caveats – circumstances in which an alternative product may be more suitable for your needs. And before buying, you must consider the following factors:


 1. The nature of your subfloor

Is it concrete or wooden?

If concrete, an underlay with a built-in damp proof membrane – such as the Royale Professional – is necessary. This will stop moisture from seeping through and damaging your new flooring.

However, if laying wood over standard floorboards, this membrane could be detrimental. It could, potentially, trap moisture into the wood and cause serious warping and mould issues in the future. Therefore, in such circumstances, 7mm fibreboard underlay is typically recommended.


 2. The addition of underfloor heating

If you wish to install underfloor heating with your new wooden flooring, again, Royale Professional may not be the best option. Thanks to its high TOG rating, essentially, it creates a ‘heat barrier’ – which prevents heat from moving into the room and reduces the efficiency of your system.

Our advice, in this situation, is to purchase the Thermo Pro X instead.

This is a specially designed wood underlay, with a punched-hole structure and low TOG rating of 0.3. As such, it maximises heat transfer, without compromising on comfort, sound absorption or support.


Alternative underlays for wood flooring


Need further advice on wood underlay?

As previously mentioned, you’re always welcome to get in touch. For most projects, we’ll likely suggest the Royale Professional Sonic Gold 7mm Underlay. But we’re happy to assist with your enquiries and can offer tailored advice on the best hardwood or engineered wood flooring underlay for your needs.

To speak to one of our in-house experts, simply give us a call on 0203 887 0994. Or, alternatively, send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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