Click Fraud Which Underlay Should I Choose?

Which Underlay Should I Choose?

Which Underlay Should I Choose?

This is a brief and succinct recommendation of which underlay to use for all types of room in the domestic household. These recommendations are based on a quality "fluffy" carpet being fitted by a qualified carpet fitter. This is NOT taking into account underfloor heating. That's another blog! I have put three options fineach area.

Hall and Landing: Heavy traffic area so you need more hardworking underlay, comfort is less of a priority as you are unlikely to be motionless on the carpet.

Stairs: Ideally not too thick but very dense for continuous foot traffic pounding. Need to spend a little more on the Stairs, usually 13 steps, so no more than one roll required

Lounge: Here is where you want luxury so dense and thick is ideal, not too thick as this will cause the carpet to come off the gripper and may incur extra cost to get the doors trimmed!

Bedroom: Luxury because of no footwear, warm and acoustically efficient.


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  • George Elphick