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Is Carpet Underlay Really Worth It?

Is Carpet Underlay Really Worth It?

When people are decorating their home and choosing the new flooring for the rooms in their property they often only consider the visual aspect of the changes they are making. One of these is which type of carpet to buy. Which colour should they get? Which pattern would look the best in their home?

However, what they usually do not consider is purchasing a carpet underlay to go underneath their carpet. There are many benefits to using carpet underlay and what many people do not realise is that it is more beneficial to invest in a premium underlay and then to get a cheaper carpet rather than spending a lot on a carpet and choosing to waylay underlay completely.

Below see several points from the Carpet Underlay Shop on how carpet underlay is really worth purchasing for your home.

By purchasing carpet underlay for your carpet you can create a much more comfortable and softer feeling underfoot. When you walk on a carpet that has underlay you will notice a springier feeling which creates a plusher, luxurious touch for your home. Regardless of the type or style of carpet you are using, by adding underlay too, you can provide a much softer feeling to your carpet.

Carpet underlay is an excellent insulation tool for your home. Because it is an extra layer between your carpet and the subfloor it acts as a new insulative layer. This then leads to a reduction in heat loss which in turn will mean you can save money on your heating and energy bills.

Sound Reduction
If you are looking to reduce the amount of noise in your home then carpet underlay can massively decrease noises in your property. They could come from the moving of furniture, such as tucking in a chair, or from you walking from room to room. By adding carpet underlay you can provide a protective barrier to your flooring. This can help to reduce the volume levels. You do not want a reputation as a noisy neighbour.

Without carpet underlay, your carpet’s lifespan will be dramatically reduced. After a while, the carpet will begin to look tired and worn and this will happen even more quickly in areas of high traffic such as your stairway. Carpet underlays have shock absorption properties which help to protect your carpet from wearing down quickly.

The main benefit to carpet underlays is that each different product we have here at the Carpet Underlay Shop has a number of standout properties. Because of this, you can be assured of their quality as you chose an underlay on a room by room basis. There is a diverse range of carpet underlay types, each made from different materials such as PU foam or rubber. The quality of our carpet underlay is uncompromised.

To find out more about how carpet underlay is worth purchasing for your home you can contact our experienced and knowledgeable team. Call Carpet Underlay Shop on 01274 905413 today!

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