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Which Is The Best Carpet Underlay?

Which Is The Best Carpet Underlay?

Here at the The Carpet Underlay Shop, we do all the investigating and work so you don't have to. Rest assured, we are here to give you honest and helpful advice.

There are many reasons to fit a luxury carpet underlay in your home, and like every kind of underlay on offer from Carpet Underlay Shop one of the primary reason is that they can protect your carpet or flooring as well as prolonging their lifespan.

To find the best carpet underlay for a luxurious underfoot feel there are many factors you must consider. These include the material from which the underlay is made, the thickness, weight and tog rating.

Underlay which feels luxurious underfoot is usually applied to areas of the home where relaxation is key. For example, the living room, dining room and bedroom. For high traffic areas such as the stairs or kitchen this is not always as necessary although that does not mean luxury carpet underlay cannot be applied to these areas.

Below we have taken a look at four different types of carpet underlay that are each capable of bringing a luxurious underfoot feeling to your home.

The Best Carpet Underlay.

Plushwalk 12mm - Super Luxury 

Due to using memory type foam, Plushwalk is perhaps the best underlay on the market for its unbelievable levels of softness underfoot. 

So if you want your carpets to feel the best, then this is the one for you!

This product is perfectly suitable for luxury domestic use and has both a five-star durability and acoustic rating. That means you can rely on this underlay to provide hard-wearing protection to flooring as well as a reduction in impact noises which are given off when people walk across it. It also features a DPM which can help where there maybe areas of damp. There isn't many carpet underlays on the market that offer this which is another excellent feature to Plushwalk.



2nd Best Underlay

Sterling Royale - Premier Combination Carpet Underlay

Also a true luxury carpet underlay product is the Sterling Royale Carpet Underlay. To add a sophisticated, luxurious feel to your flooring and carpets do not hesitate to purchase this exquisite product. This thick carpet underlay brings excellent sound reduction and durability properties and is also very environmentally friendly as it is has been produced using 100% waste materials. It has a rubber-crumbed backing making it great for sound proofing which too is made from 100% recycled car tyres. A great way to consider the planet.

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