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Which Type Of Carpet Underlay You Should Buy Per Room

Which Type Of Carpet Underlay You Should Buy Per Room

Thanks to the massive range of underlays we have on offer here at Carpet Underlay Shop, it is now possible to choose which carpet underlay to buy based upon the room you are going to use it in.

Choosing the right type of underlay for the rooms in your home is incredibly important. The underlay you purchase affects how your floors feel and sound as well as how long they last for.

Our vast stock of carpet underlays for each room in your home can be seen below:

Carpet Underlay for Bedroom

The bedroom is the place we go to rest in, so it is imperative that the carpet underlay for your bedroom creates a comfy and relaxing feel in the room. After all, we spend on average a third of our lifetime in the bedroom, so we strive to provide a cosy private relaxation space for all our customers.

For a wooden floor and a bedroom that is above a "noisy" lounge or kitchen, you must consider an underlay that will "dampen" the underlying noise (TV's and radio). For this we would recommend Super Velvet 11mm, a high density, heavy weight underlay. 

Create a luxurious, special feel for your bedroom floor space by investing in a comfortable, memory type foam Plushwalk 12mm or alternatively go for a wool felt underlay like Sterling Royale which is also very environmentally friendly.

The best - Plushwalk 12mm

Carpet Underlay for Living Room

A high-end carpet underlay for living room use will be both durable and comfortable. As well as this it will have insulative and noise reduction properties. The underlay in your lounge must be tough and hard-wearing as it is being placed in one of the most commonly used rooms in your home. The living room is a high-traffic part of the home and also contains furniture which can be heavy, so your carpet underlay will need to be able to protect your floor from the wear and tear that can occur over the years.

We can supply sumptuous, living room carpet underlays such as the Sterling Royale or the ultimate Plushwalk 12mm which is voted the best carpet underlay.

The best - Plushwalk 12mm

Carpet Underlay for Dining Room

Similarly to the lounge, your dining room is also a highly-frequented room that may have furniture that can be detrimental to the condition of your carpet or laminate. A carpet underlay for your dining room can protect and support your floor space and carpet as well as providing a comfortable place to have an enjoyable dining experience.

Crumb rubber underlays such as the Super Velvet helps to reduce pressure marks, which could come from dining room table and chair legs and leave an unsightly indentation in your carpet. The selection we have on offer also includes underlays for dining rooms which have wood and laminate flooring.

The best - Plushwalk 12mm

Carpet Underlay for Halls and Landing

The halls and landings in your home is what people use to go from one upstairs room to the other so naturally it receives a lot of punishment and foot traffic. Because of this, it is vital that the right type of underlay is selected for these areas in your home.

The carpet underlay for your hall and landing should be durable and reasonably thick as due to the aforementioned high-traffic a thinner underlay will do little to protect the flooring underneath or the carpets, woods or laminates you have installed in your home.

Among the carpet underlays we have available for the landings and halls in your property are the Cloud 9 Cumulus underlay, an very popular product with excellent noise reduction properties but also the ultimate, Plushwalk 12mm voted the best underlay for creating a super soft feeling underfoot

The best - Plushwalk 12mm

Carpet Underlay for Stairs

Your stairs are most likely the most used part of your home. Everybody in your house will use your stairs several times each day which is why it is so important to make sure you purchase the correct type of carpet underlay for your stairs.

The underlay you choose, our collection has many options to choose from, must be hard-wearing to cope with the massive amount of use the stairs receives. Also, due to the intricate design of a staircase you must choose an underlay that can perfectly fit around each step in order to give both your stairs and the carpet the highest level of support and protection.

A range of materials can be used for the carpet underlay you use on your stairs, such as the PU Foam Richstep Underlay from Carpenter.

The best - Plushwalk 10mm
10mm works better on the risers for the carpet to tuck inside the grippers better

To discover more about our range of staircases for different rooms and places in your home, do not hesitate to contact the Carpet Underlay Shop team who will be more than happy to discuss any of our underlay products. Call us now on 0203 887 0994


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