Click Fraud Benefits of Choosing Eco-Friendly Carpet Underlay for your Home

Benefits of Choosing Eco-Friendly Carpet Underlay for your Home

Benefits of Choosing Eco-Friendly Carpet Underlay for your Home

Carpet Underlay Shop are amongst the UK’s leading providers of Eco Friendly Carpet Underlay. We are part of the JR Group UK and have been supplying recycled carpet underlay to properties up and down the country for over 25 years. The right type of recycled rubber underlay for your carpet can improve the carpet’s lifespan by more than half, making our eco-friendly underlay amongst our most sought-after products.

We stock a variety of eco-friendly carpet underlays, many of which are made from wool or felt materials while we also sell the recycled carpet underlays which are made from a blend of felt and rubber.

What are the benefits of using recycled carpet underlay?

Carpet Underlay which has been manufactured out of recycled materials is extremely environmentally friendly. Our Envirolay range, which is made in the UK, is produced from 100% recycled materials to create a fully recycled carpet underlay. This also means that once the carpet underlay has served its purpose, the underlay can once again be recycled for another use.

Here at Carpet Underlay Shop, we pride ourselves on providing eco-friendly products to our customers. Our recycled underlays have the lowest carbon footprint out of all the different types of carpet underlay that we supply and because they are recyclable after use as a carpet underlay it means they are also reducing the amount of waste our underlay produces.

By placing carpet materials into a landfill, for example, we are simply passing our waste problems on to future generations, but by using recycled rubber underlays we are again showcasing how conscious we are of the environment and how committed we are to manufacturing and supplying eco-friendly carpet underlay.

As well as being good for the environment, our recycled carpet underlay has other benefits too. Below see some of the other advantages you can gain from purchasing our carpet underlays.

Thickness Variations

Thanks to a variety of underlay thicknesses, you can choose different eco-friendly carpet underlays for each room in your home depending on the level of thickness you require for that part of your property. Our Envirolay collection includes underlay ranging from the 7mm thick Envirolay 28 Felt Carpet Underlay to the 13mm thick Envirolay 54 Felt Carpet Underlay.

Envirolay 24 Carpet UnderlayEnvirolay 54 Carpet UnderlayNoise Reduction and Insulation

As well as being great for the environment, our carpet underlays can easily absorb heavy foot traffic to reduce the noise around your home and can also provide a warmth to the rooms you decide to use the product in thanks to its exceptional insulation properties. Additionally, our customers are always pleased to find that our recycled rubber and felt underlays are fire retardant.

Every type of carpet around your home could reap the benefit of eco-friendly carpet underlay made by Carpet Underlay Shop. Capable of providing a comfortable underfoot, as well as a quiet and warm place to walk in your home, our recycled underlays are great for the environment as they can be reused and remade time and time again.

For more information about any of our carpet underlay products, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Carpet Underlay Shop team on 01274 905413.


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