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Top 5 Benefits of Felt Underlay


The underlay market is full of different types of underlay products, and sometimes it can be confusing which one you should pick. Rather than going with the cheapest or simplest option, it is important to consider the following things – what type of flooring is your underlay going under, how durable must this underlay be, and how long you would like it to last before replacing.

Felt underlay has improved dramatically over the years and is still the preferred choice of a lot of traditional carpet retailers. What are the benefits of choosing felt underlay over an alternative?


1) It provides superior comfort

Felt underlay can be mixed with wool or other raw materials in different combinations to achieve the right balance of comfort and insulation that you require.

Felt underlay that has been mixed with wool offers maximum comfort. It provides not only superior comfort, this lasts for a long time and lets you enjoy the benefits of your new carpet to the fullest. The Envirolay 54 Felt Carpet Underlay is a testament to this, supplying superior comforts whilst being able to absorb and withstand areas of heavy footfall.


2) It is hardwearing

Felt underlay is widely used in commercial installations due to its hardwearing and firm properties, but it is also perfect for use in a domestic setting for the very same reason.

Unlike many rubber based underlays, felt underlay is less likely to crumble under pressure from chairs and other furniture and will remain stable and in great condition for many years. Therefore, it makes a brilliant choice for those looking for an underlay that will last.


3) Excellent Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

The natural properties of wool used within felt underlay make this particular underlay great for thermal insulation.

Quality felt underlay will allow for air to circulate between the fibres, allowing the carpet to breathe and prevent any moisture building up within the carpet which may result in mildew growth without this circulation.

In a similar way, felt underlay will absorb airborne and footfall noise to create a quieter home environment


4) It’s environmentally friendly

Felt underlay is made from 100% recycled textile fibres including a mixture of jute, wool and other recycled textile fibres including old clothes, fabric bags and more.

It can also be recycled after use – when your carpet and underlay reach the end of their lifecycle, your underlay can easily be recycled making it an incredibly environmentally friendly product.


5) It’s more cost-effective

Although it may be hard to believe, felt underlay is often the cheapest underlay option per square metre with prices from £1.68/m2 for Envirolay 28 felt underlay.

While it is likely that many carpet retailers will try to sell foam underlay over traditional felt underlay, this is at their benefit and not yours. Although felt underlay may not appear to be the most appealing to the untrained eye, it is ultimately the best choice for long-lasting carpet maintenance.


Now you know about the top 5 benefits of using felt underlay, so why not view our range of Envirolay Underlays. Varying from the range-topping Envirolay 54 to the economy option of the Envirolay 28 - there's a felt underlay ideal for you!

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