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3 things you need to know about PU underlay


3 things you need to know about PU underlay

Purchasing an underlay for your carpet or flooring is often a decision that is rushed or overlooked. This can result in purchasing the wrong type of underlay for your flooring, not only reduces the comfort of your flooring but also reduces the overall lifespan and quality of the flooring long term.

There are many types of underlay available, each with their own individual benefits. PU Foam Underlay is possibly the most popular type of underlay available on the market for a number of reasons. What exactly has caused this popularity, and what are the benefits of Polyurethane or PU Foam underlay as its commonly known as.


1) Offers great sound and heat insulation

A carpeted environment is automatically quieter because the surface properties of the carpet absorb surface noise at the source, however, installing a carpet underlay will only increase this insulation. As well as this, underlay improves the overall thermal insulation properties of a floor covering. PU Foam underlay in particular has brilliant acoustic and thermal properties, all down to its higher average TOG rating.


2) There’s a good chance your underlay actually started out life as a sofa

PU Foam underlay is typically made from “trim”, which is the name for the unused waste generated from other PU users such as sofas or armchair cushions. These start out life as large PU blocks that are cut down to approximate sofa sizes. Once these are shaped, PU trim waste is collected and used in many manufacturing processes – one of these being PU Foam underlay.

Not only is PU Foam underlay made from recycled materials, it can be recycled after use as well. This particular underlay is incredibly environmentally friendly.


3) It’s a treat for your feet

PU underlay is incredibly cushioned and offers maximum comfort mainly because it recovers to 90-95% of its original state when the pressure is removed from above, compared to rubber which typically only recovers to 60-65% of its original state. This not only gives you maximum comfort, but also maintains the ‘just-fitted’ fluffy carpet look and feel. Because of its cushion like texture, PU foam underlay is best suited to bedrooms and living rooms, where comfort is key. For that ultimate comfort experience in comfort, we would recommend the Cloud 9 Super Contract Carpet Underlay.

PU Foam underlay is just one of many underlay options available at Carpet Underlay Shop. To view the entire range of underlay, click here today.

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