Click Fraud Should I buy my underlay from a national carpet retailer?

Should I buy my underlay from a national carpet retailer?


Many out of town retail park carpet retailers are more than happy to sell you carpet underlay when you purchase a carpet from them. After all, a carpet is only as good as its underlay! Their sales staff are incentivised and will happily put forward suggestions of which underlay they recommend you purchase, generally offering a good, better, best solution – but this is when the alarm bells should start ringing.

Out of town retail park carpet retailers are known for pushing the underlay that is easiest for them to fit and makes them the greatest profit, and this may not be the perfect fit for your carpet or flooring needs. There is a trend currently of pushing PU foam underlay to consumers, when it does not always necessarily benefit them in the way that it could.

This is largely linked to the fact that PU foam underlay is very lightweight to fit, and therefore is an advantage to their carpet fitters as they can quickly install the underlay and speed up the number of carpet fitting jobs carried out in a day.

While PU foam underlay does have its advantages, here at Carpet Underlay Shop we believe that the type of underlay you chose to buy should be completely suitable for your needs and not the needs of the retailer selling it. It is important to consider the requirements you have for your underlay and the room it is being used in before purchase. Underlays should be picked based on their underfoot comfort and their longevity and the amount of protection they will offer to the carpet long term. Some lightweight sponge waffle rubber and PU underlay have very low underfoot comfort and will collapse very quickly especially in walked over areas or stairs and where furniture is displayed offering no protection to the carpet and subjecting the carpet to premature wear.

Another benefit to purchasing your underlay directly from Carpet Underlay shop is that this comes at a much cheaper price than many national carpet retail chains, as our operating costs are much lower and therefore we can pass these savings onto you as heavily discounted prices off RRP on the underlays we sell.

Another major concern is that some underlays sold by these out of town retail park carpet retailers are imported underlays that are often inferior in quality to the well-known and trusted British brands which we supply. We produce many of our own underlays at our factory in Elland, West Yorkshire to keep the costs as low to customers as possible.

Previous customers have had the following to say about this:

“Excellent service and genuine product, would highly recommend and buy from here again. Bought underlay for less than £100 including delivery that would have cost well in excess of £300 from major High St retailer offering "interest free".”

The service from them was excellent and the prices a massive saving compared to the price of underlay from the large carpet retailers.”

“Best quality and best priced items. Perfect on time delivery. The same products are more than twice expensive (if not more) in any other established carpet shops.”

“Delivered my order on time when promised. It was a fraction of the cost I was quoted from other carpet stores.”

“Good quality product, well wrapped and delivered to the door. Considerably cheaper than buying from the carpet retailer and much better quality.”

“12mm premium underlay. 80% cheaper than Carpet Right. No fuss. Good product, much cheaper than mainstream retailers.”

“Found them to have top grade underlay at a cheap price including postage. Carpetright = £240 for 15m2 roll of underlay undelivered. Carpet underlay shop = £52.50 incl delivery for same 15m2 underlay.”

We aim to offer the best quality underlay to our customers at a price that is right for them. No matter what your requirements from your underlay, we are always available to offer friendly and helpful advice to ensure that the product you buy is the product that is the right fit for you. To view our complete underlay range, click here:

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