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Why Choose a UK Manufactured Carpet Underlay

Why Choose a UK Manufactured Carpet Underlay

Carpet Underlay are part of a leading Flooring Underlay Manufacturers Texfelt Ltd. As a carpet underlay supplier, we have been providing homes with underlay for more than 25 years. Carpet Underlay Manufacturers in the UK provide underlay which can increase the lifespan of a carpet by up to 50%, meaning it is an essential purchase for your home, but many people do not know where to begin when it comes to picking a type of underlay.

We stock a range of different underlay types, so we are aware our stock can be a little overwhelming when deciding on which underlay to use. Amongst our collection of underlays are our high-quality, durable UK Manufactured Carpet Underlay products - so there are plenty of reasons to choose underlay from UK Carpet Underlay Manufacturers.

But why should you buy UK Manufactured Carpet Underlay?

Heat Insulation and Noise Reduction

Nobody likes to walk around their home with cold feet so thanks to their higher than average TOG ratings, our products from underlay manufacturers in the UK mean that isn’t something you need to worry about.

Our Relay 10mm Carpet Underlay is a PU foam underlay which means it is made from Polyurethane. It comes with a TOG rating of 2.47 and a comfort rating of 4 meaning that it will vastly improve the thermal insulation properties in your home as it can be fitted in any room in your house. This product is easy to cut and shape to fit to any floor layout, while it is also able to reduce sound impacts throughout your home because by installing a UK manufactured carpet underlay you will increase the level of sound that your carpet will naturally absorb.

Range of thicknesses

While the Relay PU foam underlay comes in a 10mm thickness another of our carpet underlay products which is manufactured in the UK is the Sprint PU foam Carpet Underlay and that is available in an 8mm thickness.

Also a PU underlay, the Sprint 8mm Carpet Underlay doesn’t compromise when it comes to increasing the comfortability of your carpets despite being 2mm thinner than it’s PU Underlay counterpart. A range of thicknesses means you can choose different UK Manufactured Carpet Underlays for different rooms or areas depending on the specific requirements you need for those parts of your home.

Environmentally Friendly

Many of our products from UK based Carpet Underlay Manufacturers are made from PU foam underlay, which is made entirely from recycled materials making it environmentally friendly. Usually, PU foam underlay is produced from the materials that are left over or unused when products like couches and cushions are being made. Additionally, by purchasing your PU underlay from Carpet Underlay Manufacturers in the UK means that because of the materials reusable properties it can be recycled again after it has been used as an underlay.

Carpet Underlay can come in various styles and designs, each with properties which are a little different from another. Be it reducing the noise in your home, adding more insulation or generally making your carpet more comfortable our underlays from Carpet Underlay Manufacturers UK are exactly what you need to provide support to your carpets and protection from your property’s subfloor.

All types of carpet can benefit from carpet underlay made by Underlay Manufacturers in the UK. Even though the likes of foam backed carpets do not need underlay they can still reap the benefits as our underlays can provide additional protection and comfort to your floor spaces.

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