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Carpet Underlay

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Our carpet underlay is perfect for all properties – whether large or small, commercial or residential – and will ensure that your carpet is long-lasting, soft, warm, and comfortable underfoot.

A diverse collection of carpet underlay

We currently have six different ‘types’ of carpet underlay to choose from, including:

  • Wool Felt Underlay – manufactured from 100% recycled material, this is a traditional and eco-friendly carpet underlay, that offers excellent comfort and sound insulation. Ideal if you want to be environmentally friendly
  • Combination Felt Crumb Underlay – made from two different materials, this carpet underlay offers the best of both worlds and has a five-star rating for thermal insulation and durability.
  • Rubber Underlay – available in waffled or flat profile, sponge rubber carpet underlay, its a little old and out of fashion now, but still popular.
  • Crumb Rubber Underlay – ideal for areas that experience heavy footfall, particularly in commercial properties. It offers all-round heavy-duty protection for your carpet. 
  • Double-stick underlay – perfect for sticking carpet securely in place in high traffic areas. Recommended for commercial or high foot fall areas.

The right type for you will depend on where you intend to install the carpet underlay and what you want it to achieve. Most are suitable for both commercial and domestic use, but be sure to check the product information carefully and choose an underlay that meets your exact needs and requirements.

As a leading supplier, we offer a wide selection of popular brands, including PlushwalkCloud 9DuralaySterling Royale, Tredaire and Envirolay, to name just a few. We also stock a vast range of carpet underlay accessories. So, whatever your needs – whether you’re looking for something that’s super cosy, comfy to walk on or suitable for use with underfloor heating – we have the ideal solution.

Get in touch for high-quality carpet underlay

If you have any questions about our carpet underlay, including the brands and styles available, please feel free to get in touch. Here at the Carpet Underlay Shop, we’re always happy to help. Either call us on 0203 887 0994 to discuss your requirements or send an email to for more information on the best carpet underlay on the market.