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Super 8mm Carpet Underlay £1.60 Per m2

Product Description
Ideal for use in:
  • Living Rooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Stairs/Halls

Ideal for use in:

Living Rooms
Ideal for use in Living Rooms

Dining Rooms
Ideal for use in Dining Rooms

Ideal for use in Bedrooms

Ideal for use in Stairs/halls

Super 8mm carpet underlay is one of the highest-quality budget products we supply at Carpet Underlay Shop, it’s guaranteed to improve the look and feel of your carpet, no matter which room you choose to install it!

Each roll is 11m long x 1.37m wide. 15.07 sqmts.

As a PU carpet underlay, manufactured in the UK, the 8mm carpet underlay is used domestically and is exactly what you need to make your property more comfortable. Super carpet underlay fits beneath the carpet to provide additional support and protection for your carpet.

This 8mm carpet underlay is priced affordably to ensure you receive the best value for money, it also makes an ideal alternative to the Cloud 9 PU carpet underlay which is considerably more expensive but offers the same level of quality.

This cheap 8mm carpet underlay is designed to offer exceptional sound insulation, allowing you to soundproof your property on various levels. The 8mm carpet underlay is also suitable if you’re looking for carpet underlay that lasts, it will enable you to maintain the quality of your carpet for longer, reducing the need to replace it.

8mm carpet underlay also works great for stairs as they fit flush with the carpet grippers.

Type: PU Foam
Suitability: General Domestic
Application: Lay Flat either side down, can be used with Single Sided Waterproof Gaffer / duct Tape
Roll Size: 15.07m2 (11m x 1.37m)
Thickness: 8mm
Tog Rating: 2.0 Tog approx
Impact Sound Rating: 30dB approx
Manufacturers Guarantee: Serviceable lifetime of the carpet when used in the recommended areas
Comfort Rating: 4



Eco FriendlyYes




  • Price: Better
  • Eco-Friendly: Yes
  • Thermal: 3 stars
  • Acoustics: 3 stars
  • Durability: 4 stars

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Dimensions      Measured in:
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Amount of Gripper in Feet
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