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Why should I buy Cloud 9 underlay?

Why should I buy Cloud 9 underlay?

Cloud 9 underlay is a great underlay at the Carpet Underlay Shop

Here we take a look at some of the main benefits of the Cloud 9 and outline the reasons why it’s a great choice for your home.

  1. Underlay for all types of flooring

There’s a product in this collection to suit every type of flooring. For example, Cloud 9 Cumulus – a polyurethane (PU) foam underlay – is ideal when fitting a carpet in your living room or hallway. Cloud 9 Cush n Wood is great for wooden or laminate flooring. One product, Cloud 9 Radiance, is even suitable for use with underfloor heating. So, it’s fair to say, every base is covered.

  1. Improves flooring performance

Thanks to the innovative design of Cloud 9 underlay, it significantly enhances the look and feel of your new flooring. Its heavily-stitched paper backing prevents over-stretching, allowing the underlay to maintain its shape, strength, and comfort for much longer. It also creates a luxurious and professional finish – carpet, in particular, will become much softer and cosier underfoot.

  1. Excellent sound and thermal properties

Cloud 9 underlay is renowned for its industry-leading sound and thermal properties. Take for example the Cloud 9 Cumulus. Boasting a generous 3.1 tog rating, it provides excellent warmth for the home and may even help to cut down your energy costs. Cloud 9 cumulus underlay also benefits from 43db sound insulation and will successfully dull any noise made by walking across the room.

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  1. Ultimate freshness

All Cloud 9 underlay benefits from Ultra-Fresh Protection. This is a type of in-built antimicrobial technology – designed to protect the underlay against the growth of fungi and bacteria. Essentially, it ensures the underlay stays fresher for longer and can considerably increase its lifespan.

  1. Easy to install

Compared to other types of underlay, Cloud 9 products are extremely lightweight. PU foam underlays in particular – such as the Cloud 9 Cumulus – are very easy to lift and handle. This makes installation straightforward and it’s usually possible to lay the underlay by yourself.

  1. Eco-friendly construction

Cloud 9 carpet underlay is of exceptional quality. It’s built to be high-performance and complies with strict UK standards. It’s also environmentally friendly. Recycled materials are used as much as possible, including leftover supplies from the furniture industry, and the brand does everything in their power to reduce their carbon footprint.

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  1. Looking For The Best Carpet Underlay?

Plushwalk 12mm is now considered the market-leader in underlays due to using memory foam which gives it astonishing levels of comfort underfoot. It boast 49dB reduction and a 3.5 TOG insulation. Take a look at it here today.


Browse Cloud 9 underlay today

Think Cloud 9 underlay is the right choice for you? Why not browse our full online collection today and place your order? If you have any questions about the Cloud 9 underlay currently available or if you’re unsure which is the best product for your needs, please feel free to get in touch. Either call us on 0203 887 0994 to chat with our experts or send a quick email to

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