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Underfloor heating underlay: make your home warmer for the winter

Underfloor heating underlay: make your home warmer for the winter

Autumn is officially here. With the nights gradually drawing in and the weather getting colder, it’s time to make your home cosy – and one increasingly popular option is to install underfloor heating.

Said to be 20% more efficient than a standard central heating system, underfloor heating distributes heat evenly across the room (compared to radiators, which heat the side of your walls and the top of your roof) and can reduce energy bills to a minimum. It’s a safe, practical and luxurious option. But for it to work effectively, it needs to be installed correctly and paired with suitable underfloor heating underlay – such as that available at the Carpet Underlay Shop.


Diagram to show difference in heat circulation between radiators and underfloor heating


Why should I invest in underfloor heating underlay?

Underlay for underfloor heating is designed to work perfectly alongside your heating system. It will not hinder its performance in any way and allows heat to pass through into the surrounding environment.

At the same time, it will also significantly enhance the look and feel of your new flooring. Most underfloor heating underlay benefits from excellent acoustic properties, reducing impact and airborne noises. It acts as a shock absorber, protecting your flooring from everyday wear and tear (potentially extending its lifespan by up to 50%!) and improving its underfoot comfort.

Do I need a special type of underlay for underfloor heating?

In short, yes – whether you’re fitting underfloor heating with carpet, wood, vinyl, or laminate flooring, it’s important to invest in specially-designed underfloor heating underlay.

Typically, underlay is made to be as soft and thick as possible. These features help to improve underfoot comfort and boost thermal insulation. However, when it comes to underfloor heating, they can actually have a detrimental effect, creating a barrier and reducing the transfer of heat to your carpets and room.  

That’s why it’s better to invest in the correct underlay specifically designed for electric or water pipe underfloor heating. Underfloor heating underlay needs to have a low tog rating. As a general rule-of-thumb, the combined tog rating of your underlay and the flooring itself should never exceed 3 tog – anything above this will begin to reduce the efficiency of the heating system.


underfloor heating with underfloor heating underlay

Which is the best underlay for my underfloor heating?

Here at Carpet Underlay Shop, we have a range of underfloor heating underlays for you to choose from – and the best product for you will depend on the type of flooring that you’re about to lay.

Carpet underlay for underfloor heating

If you’re looking to install a new carpet with your underfloor heating, we recommend the Thermal Stream Underlay – available in both full and half rolls.

logo for thermal stream underlay

This is a revolutionary product for many reasons. Firstly, it boasts perforated holes in the underlay, which allows much quicker air-circulation of warm air. This allows for a lower tog rating of 1.1 – and means that it can be paired with a range of thick and luxurious carpets (without exceeding the 3 tog cut-off). Yet despite this, measuring 10mm, it’s still one of the thickest underlays for underfloor heating on the market. Not only will it optimise the overall performance of your underfloor heating, but it will also create superior underfoot comfort and reduce impact noise by approximately 36db.

Underfloor heating underlay for wood, laminate and vinyl

The best underfloor heating underlay for use with wooden, laminate and vinyl flooring, is the Thermal Pro X. This is specifically designed to allow maximum heat transfer – with an extremely low 0.3 tog rating and a punched-hole structure, to encourage air circulation and prevent trapped heat. It also demonstrates fantastic acoustic properties and will improve the comfort of your flooring.

It’s a high-performance and cost-effective option, which can be used successfully in conjunction with underfloor heating throughout the entire home.

 For carpet underfloor heating, ThermalStream is the best below and for laminate,wood, or LVT, Thermal Pro X on the right

underlay for underfloor heating available at Carpet Underlay Shop

Want to know more about underfloor heating underlay?

You’re always welcome to get in touch. Our team have excellent knowledge in this area. They will happily answer your questions and, having listened to your requirements, will recommend the best underlay for your underfloor heating and the flooring you wish to lay.

Either give us a call on 0203 887 0994 or send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. It’s time to prepare your home for the cold months ahead. So why not invest in advanced underfloor heating and high-quality underfloor heating underlay today?

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