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The top 3 wood floor underlays

The top 3 wood floor underlays

Type ‘wood floor underlay’ into a search engine and, we guarantee, you’ll be bombarded with thousands of results. There are so many different products to choose from. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the choice and most people are left wondering – which underlay should I buy?

When customers come to us with this question, we try to keep our advice as simple as possible. The right wood underlayment for you will depend on the nature of the wood, its intended location and the condition of the subfloor – and we usually recommend one of the following three options.

  1. 7mm Fibreboard Underlay

Fibreboard underlay

This is a fail-safe choice for most home renovation projects. In fact, due to its diverse range of benefits, it’s the most popular wooden floor underlay for use in new build homes – commonly installed both upstairs and downstairs in the living room, dining room, bedrooms and more.

The main advantage of fibreboard is that it successfully levels out an uneven subfloor. Any imperfections (e.g. cracks, bumps, scratches) are hidden, creating the ideal even surface upon which to fit the wood. This makes installation much easier and is often the key to getting the best finish.

What’s more, fibreboard underlay has excellent acoustic properties, reducing impact noise by approximately 26db. It’s lightweight yet warm and it significantly improves underfoot comfort.


  1. Acoustic Silver 3mm Wood Underlay

a type of wood underlay available at the Carpet Underlay Shop

Made by the well-known brand, Royale, this is a high-quality wood underlay – perfect for domestic use. Its primary selling point is the silver foil vapour barrier. This acts as an integrated damp-proof membrane and helps to prevent issues typically caused by dampness in the subfloor. As such, it’s an excellent option for basements and other spaces in the home that are prone to moisture.

The Acoustic Silver also benefits from a high-density foam core. It demonstrates good thermal insulation and can help to dull impact noise by up to 18db. Yet, despite these qualities, it offers fantastic value for money – currently available at the Carpet Underlay Shop for just 81p per m2.


  1. Sonic Gold Foil 5mm Wood Underlay

a type of wood underlayment

This Royale wood underlayment is very similar to the Acoustic Silver. Once again, it benefits from an integrated foil backing, creating an effective moisture barrier between the subfloor and the wooden flooring – making it a practical option for rooms that suffer from dampness. 

The main difference is the thickness. Constructed from 5mm foam, the Sonic Gold demonstrates high compressive strength and rectifies minor imperfections in the floor. It also reduces impact sound by 24db and, as an excellent insulator, it works well alongside underfloor heating.

Sold at £1.59 per m2, it’s slightly more expensive than the other two options. But it is a high-performance product – often regarded as the best underlay for wood flooring in the home.  


Still unsure on the best wood underlay for you?

We have excellent knowledge in this area and we’re always happy to help. Give us a call on 0203 887 0994 for tailored advice on the best wood underlay for your project – whether that be one of the above or another product from our extensive wood and laminate underlay collection. Alternatively, send an enquiry to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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