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Tredaire Dreamwalk vs Wilsons Plushwalk vs Cloud 9 Cumulus – Carpet Underlay Review

Tredaire Dreamwalk vs Wilsons Plushwalk vs Cloud 9 Cumulus – Carpet Underlay Review

Thinking about buying Dreamwalk?

It’s worth taking a look at Plushwalk and Cumulus too.

There’s no doubt, Tredaire Dreamwalk is very highly regarded in the flooring industry. First released in the 50s, this PU foam underlay has been continuously improved over the decades and is now deemed as one of the leading products on the market. The question is, is it the best?

Competition in this category is fierce. There are now many similar PU foam products available to choose from, some of which certainly give Dreamwalk Underlay a run for its money. Two of the most noteworthy being Plushwalk 12m and Cloud 9 Cumulus 11mm.


Best underlays currently available


So, before you hastily click ‘add to basket’, it’s worth doing a little research. How do these products compare? Is Tredaire Dreamwalk really the best option for your new carpet? Or would one of these competitor underlays be better suited to the job? Here we take a closer look.


How does Dreamwalk compare to Plushwalk and Cloud 9 Cumulus?



Dreamwalk Underlay is designed to ‘bring extra warmth and comfort’ where it’s needed the most.

Measuring 11mm thick and made from a high-quality PU foam, it’s very similar in its construction to 11mm Cloud 9 Underlay – and has an incredibly soft, cosy and cushioned feel underfoot.

However – in our opinion – Plushwalk 12mm wins the gold medal for comfort. Not only is it slightly thicker, it’s also made from a luxury memory foam (similar to that used in beds). As a result, it has a unique ‘bounce-back’ effect that simply cannot be matched by Dreamwalk or Cloud 9.



As a high-spec product, Tredaire Dreamwalk 11mm out-performs Cloud 9 on several key factors – demonstrating a slightly higher TOG rating (3.13 TOG) and reducing noise by up to 44dB.

It certainly offers excellent levels of thermal and acoustic insulation, and will go a long way towards making your home much cosier and quieter. Yet, it’s still no match for Plushwalk 12mm…

Thanks to its memory foam construction, this supersedes its competitors in pretty much every way. It boasts an unrivalled 3.5 TOG rating, and can reduce in-room sound levels by 49dB. Plus, due to an in-built damp-proof membrane, it also prevents dampness, helping to extend the carpet’s lifespan.



Just like Plushwalk and Cloud 9 Cumulus, Tredaire Dreamwalk Underlay has a 5* durability rating.

Manufactured in the UK, it’s built to withstand the day-to-day wear and tear of the modern home and is a suitable option for most rooms – including the lounge, bedrooms, stairs and hallway.

It also has the added benefit of being eco-friendly.

Made from 100% recycled foam, it’s kind to the planet – without compromising on quality, durability or longevity. Making it a great option for anyone looking to be more environmentally conscious. 



As it’s made from PU foam, Tredaire Dreamwalk is incredibly easy to handle – and the installation process is very similar to that of both Plushwalk 12mm and 11mm Cloud 9. Simply lay the underlay flat, with the paper backing facing up to the ceiling, and seal the joins using waterproof tape.

Even for a DIY novice, it’s a quick and effortless job – particularly with the help of our step-by-step guide.



There’s no arguing, Dreamwalk Underlay offers excellent value for money.

It’s a high-calibre product, renowned in the industry for its performance. Yet a full roll is available for just £66.99 and covers 15 square metres. This works out at approximately £4.46 per m2 – making it the cheapest of the three products and a fantastic option for anyone on a limited budget.


Comparison of the 3 best underlays

 Which is the best underlay?


Best carpet underlay


Plushwalk 12mm is the most ‘luxurious’ option by far. And in our opinion, it takes the podium for the ‘best carpet underlay’ currently available to buy.

A detailed comparison of Plushwalk 12mm and Cloud 9 Cumulus can be found in our previous blog – which may also help you to come to a decision. But if you’d like more tailored advice on the best underlay for a specific project, you’re also welcome to contact us.



As a long-standing company with years of experience in this industry, we have unrivalled knowledge of carpet underlay. And following a quick chat, we should be able to point you in the right direction – whether that be towards Tredaire Dreamwalk, Plushwalk 12mm, 11mm Cloud 9 Underlay, or one of the many other products in our online range!


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