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Thermal underlay – can it improve the efficiency of your home?

Thermal underlay – can it improve the efficiency of your home?

As we head into the winter months and the days get colder, we start to rely more and more on central heating – which, of course, is bad news for the bank balance! Energy prices are on the rise and, in an attempt to cut back the bills, being ‘efficient’ is at the forefront of most people’s minds.

But did you know? One of the easiest ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home is to invest in thermal carpet underlay – such as that available at the Carpet Underlay Shop.

The insulating power of thermal underlay

According to recent research, up to 15% of the heat in a room can be lost via the floor – particularly if it’s uninsulated and on the ground floor level of the building.

This may not sound like a lot, but when paying to heat the room throughout the winter months, the waste (both in terms of energy and money) can soon add up. That’s why it’s important to invest in insulation. By simply adding a layer of thermal underlay between the carpet and subfloor, you can make a huge difference to your home’s efficiency and save approximately £65 per year.

So, what makes a good thermal insulation underlay?

Essentially, it’s all about the TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) rating. This is a measurement of the underlay’s heat insulation properties and it’s affected by several factors, including:

1. The material from which the thermal underlay is made

Polyurethane foam (PU) and felt are naturally good insulators. As such, any thermal underlay that is constructed from these materials will automatically improve the insulation of your home.

2. The thickness of the underlay

The thicker the thermal underlay is, the more insulation it will provide.

3. It’s ability to trap small pockets of air within its design

As a result of their design, some underlays – particularly lightweight options made from PU – are able to trap small pockets of air. The more air they can trap, the better they are as an insulator.

TOG ratings can vary greatly between underlays; which is why, if you wish to enhance the energy efficiency of your home, it’s important to do a little research. Generally speaking, you will need to invest in thermal insulation underlay with a TOG of 2.5 (or higher) to make a real impact.



Insulating underlay at the Carpet Underlay Shop

As the UK’s leading underlay supplier, here at the Carpet Underlay Shop, we stock a comprehensive range of thermal insulation underlay – with something to suit all needs and requirements.

For anyone looking to improve their home’s insulation (and cut down their energy bills!), we always recommend Plushwalk. This is our best underlay to date. Made from ‘bounce-back’ memory foam and 12mm thick, it boasts a high TOG rating of 3.5 and demonstrates excellent insulating properties.

Available from just £6.99 per m2, it’s a cost-effective option that can be used throughout the entire home – improving insulation, making the rooms cosier and reducing the cost of your heating bills.

Get in touch

With the winter months fast-approaching, now is the perfect time to invest and make your home as energy-efficient as possible. Our team are always on hand and happy to help. So, if you have any questions about thermal undelay or wish to discuss your requirements in detail, why not get in touch? Either give us a call on 0203 887 0994 or send an email to

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