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How to lay artificial grass underlay

How to lay artificial grass underlay

About to install artificial grass for the first time?

To get the best results, artificial grass underlay – such as Soft Turf Artificial Grass Shock Pad – is a highly worthwhile investment. Soft Turf is described as the ‘secret to softer artificial grass’ and will significantly enhance the look and feel of your new turf. And the best bit? It’s incredibly quick and easy to install.

Simply follow our handy step-by-step guide and the job will be done in no time.


5 steps to lay Soft Turf Artificial Grass Underlay

first step to lay artificial grass underlay

1. Prepare the surface

One of the main benefits of artificial grass underlay – particularly Soft Turf – is that it reduces the amount of ground preparation required.  The extra layer helps to even out any imperfections in the subfloor, and will reduce the risk of lines and streaks forming in the fake lawn.

However, if you’re laying the grass over soil, it’s still worth doing a little preparation. Simply use a tamper to flatten the surface and ensure it’s as level as possible.





second step to lay artificial grass underlay

2. Install a weed membrane

Before starting the installation, it’s also worth adding a weed membrane – such as Royale Grass Weed-Preventer.

Essentially, this is a thin layer of fabric, which stops weeds from growing through into the artificial lawn – without the need for harmful chemicals or pesticides. This can be particularly beneficial if you wish to install the grass over soil. Simply lay the membrane over the full surface area, cut it to size, and peg it into place wherever necessary.











third step to lay artificial grass underlay

3. Lay the shockpad underlay

You’re now ready to start laying your new shockpad underlay. Soft Turf comes in 2m and 4m rolls, making it incredibly easy to manoeuvre. Start at the edge and roll the foam upwards, until you reach the other side of the ‘lawn’ area.

If fitting the underlay over soil, we recommended pegging it down every 30cm x 30cm. This will ensure it does not accidentally shift or move out of place during the artificial grass installation.





fourth step to lay artificial grass underlay


4. Secure into place

By contrast, if you wish to install the artificial grass underlay on top of a wooden patio or decking, it’s better to use staples instead. We recommend stapling down at least every 20cm x 20cm – as, again, this will ensure the underlay stays completely flat and securely in place.






fifth step to lay artificial grass underlay

5. Add the final touches 

If multiple strips of shockpad underlay are required, lastly, these will need to be joined together in some way. Typically, we advise using Royale Binder Turf Tape (or a similar product).

Start at one end and work your way along the full length of the join, smoothing the tape down as you go. This will ensure the strips are securely held together; and, therefore, will prevent ridges and lines from occurring in the artificial lawn. 











Contact our experts for further guidance

By following our beginner’s guide, most people find artificial grass underlay relatively quick and easy to install. But if you do run into difficulties or would like further installation tips, please feel free to get in touch. Our team has excellent knowledge, both of Soft Turf Shock Pad Underlay itself and how to fit it correctly. So, just give us a call on or send an email to

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