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Flooring trends for 2024

Flooring trends for 2024

Looking to update your flooring this new year? Perhaps a new plush carpet for the lounge? Or some stylish parquet for the kitchen-diner?

Just like any aspect of interior design, flooring trends come and go. And experts are looking ahead and predicting which floor styles, types and colours are set to be big among homeowners over the next 12 months.

So why not have a sneak peek?

Start 2024 on the right foot and check out the flooring looks that will be everywhere soon.


5 trending flooring looks for the new year

And the underlay you need to make it work.


Big flooring trend for 2024


1. Patterned wood flooring

Move over, plain oak and standard walnut – you’re so last year.

2024 is all about making a statement with bold, patterned hardwoods that have real personality. This flooring style isn’t really about colour, but more about how the planks are laid. Think classic herringbone, pretty parquet designs, unique basketweaves and chevron arrangements.

Perfect for a hallway or kitchen. Either keep things real with genuine hardwood, or just cheat (and keep the cost down!) with a realistic and high-quality laminate.


Recommended underlay:

Recommended underlay for wood and laminate

Royale 7mm Professional Sonic Gold Underlay - £7.98 per m2.

Regarded as the industry’s ‘gold standard’, this is the no.1 choice for both hardwood and laminate flooring. Made from a unique foam formula, it boasts an impressive range of properties and will make a notable difference to the look and performance of your new patterned floor.



2. Wall-to-wall carpeting

A carpet revolution is on the cards for the new year.

Wall-to-wall styles may have developed a bad reputation over the decades. But whether it’s driven by a desire to live more sustainably, to honour legacy or just spend more time at home, carpet is making a comeback for 2024 and it has something to prove – no other flooring style beats its cosiness!

Ideal for a lounge or bedroom. Go chic with a simple, grey loop pile or – to give a nod to nostalgia – opt for a retro geometric pattern.


Recommended underlay:

Recommended underlay for carpet flooring trend

Plushwalk 12mm Carpet Underlay - £6.99 per m2.

Deemed the best carpet underlay currently available, Plushwalk 12mm is made from a high-grade ‘bounce back’ memory foam – which means it excels in terms of its performance, enhances the overall look of your carpet and feels super soft and luxurious underfoot.


 3. Au natural tiles

Biophilic design is predicted to be a continuing trend in 2024.

It’s all about bringing the outdoors into your home. And for flooring, that means embracing natural elements – specifically, tiles that are inspired by patterns and textures found in nature. We’re talking stone, marble, slate, terrazzo. All applied in large format to create a sleek, contemporary look.

Whilst the real deal can offer undeniable character and authenticity, don’t be afraid to opt for a luxury vinyl tile (LVT) instead. Thanks to advances in technology, LVT is often difficult to tell apart from the genuine article – and it offers a lot of other benefits (e.g. durability, water resistance etc.).


Recommended underlay:

Recommended underlay for LVT

Royale Vinyl Click Flooring Underlay – £3.60 per m2

If you do opt for LVT, this underlay is designed to enhance its look, feel and lifespan. Crafted from impact-resistant toughened foam with a silver foil backing, it levels out the subfloor – preventing unwanted movement – and improves the LVT’s thermal and noise insulation.



One of the latest flooring trends



4. Sustainable flooring

Eco-consciousness is taking centre stage across all aspects of life – and flooring is no exception.

Sustainability is looking to be a key player in 2024 flooring styles, with professional interior designers and homeowners alike leaning towards environmentally friendly and innovative options – such as bamboo, cork, reclaimed wood, recycled carpets and biobased flooring alternatives.

Keep the planet in mind and replace your floors without a guilty conscience this January.


Recommended underlay:

Recommended carpet underlay for eco-friendliness

Wool Fibre Carpet Underlay – from £2.86 per m2

If sustainability is a priority, this is the ideal underlay to pair with carpet. Constructed from a variety of upcycled materials and fully recyclable, it boasts fantastic eco-credentials – without compromising on performance. Offering superb comfort and insulation levels.


5. Tech-infused flooring

2024 is the year that technology will truly make its mark on the flooring industry. 

Modern tech-infused flooring solutions are officially the way forward.

Several ‘smart’ options are predicted to gain traction over the coming months. Think interactive LED tiles in the kitchen, busy entryway flooring that transforms footsteps into electrical energy, and cosy carpets fitted with underfloor heating. All favoured for their focus on functionality, helping to improve our at-home living experience – whilst also being environmentally friendly.


Recommended underlay:

Recommended carpet underlay for underfloor heating

ThermalStream Underfloor Heating Carpet Underlay – £126.99 per roll

As futuristic as this tech-based flooring trend. ThermalStream® is a revolutionary underlay designed to be used with underfloor heating. Constructed from a unique perforated foam, it allows heat to transfer quickly into the room – without sacrificing underfoot comfort.



Trending flooring idea for 2024



Step into 2024 and onto the biggest flooring trends of the year

Got enough inspiration to get started?

You heard it here first. These are the flooring trends you need to know. The 2024 catwalk styles of the flooring world. And if one of these flooring ideas sounds right for you and your home, we have the perfect underlay to ensure you achieve the best possible results.

As a leading UK supplier, we have a comprehensive range of carpet, wood and laminate, LVT and underfloor heating underlays to choose from – including the recommendations outlined in this blog and many more. All of which are competitively priced and available for next day delivery.

Take a look and place your order today. And keep in mind we’re always happy to help. If you have any questions – about the latest flooring trends, the best underlay for your project or anything else – please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can either give us a call on 0203 887 0994 or send an email to


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