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Do I need to buy the best carpet underlay?

Do I need to buy the best carpet underlay?

Cutting corners is rarely a good idea.

But these are… tricky… economic times, to say the least. If you’re attempting to replace your carpet on a minimal budget, do you really need the best carpet underlay that money can buy? Or could you save yourself a few pennies by opting for a cheaper alternative?

In fact, do you even need underlay at all?

As experts in the industry, here’s our honest answer.


Underlay itself is non-negotiable

It may seem wasteful to spend hard-earned cash on something that won’t even be seen. But no matter how small your budget, don’t be tempted to pass on the underlay.

Yes, it’s a hidden layer, but it offers many useful benefits. Without it, you will notice a big difference in the final look and feel of your carpet. Actually, we’d go as far as to say, the quality of the underlay is more important than the quality of the carpet itself. 

Best carpet underlay

Our advice? Go for the most luxurious product you can afford and offset the cost with a cheaper carpet.

Providing your budget stretches far enough, we recommend Plushwalk 12mm.

Available for £6.99 per m2, this is by no means a cheap carpet underlay, but it is regarded as the ‘gold standard’ – the best underlay currently available. Thanks to its revolutionary memory foam construction, it demonstrates superior levels of performance, comfort and durability, and will enhance even the lowest quality of carpets.

The best bit? At the moment, it’s on special offer here at Carpet Underlay Shop. Just enter PLUSH2 at checkout to receive a 2% discount on the total cost of your order.


Cheaper alternatives to Plushwalk 12mm

Plushwalk 12mm is a super-luxury carpet underlay and our no.1 choice for most home projects. But we appreciate it falls a little on the expensive side. If you’re struggling to stay on-budget, there are several cheaper alternatives available – which also do a great job, yet have a slightly smaller price tag.

Some of the best include:


Affordable carpet underlay available at Carpet Underlay Shop
Cloud 9 Cumulus – £5.12 per m2

It may not be the ‘best’ carpet underlay, but Cloud 9 Cumulus is very well-known and respected in the flooring industry. Made from 11mm PU foam, it demonstrates a range of impressive properties – including a high 3.1 TOG rating, excellent levels of sound insulation and superb durability.

True, it doesn’t feel quite as luxurious underfoot as Plushwalk 12mm – but it does have an exceptional comfort rating of 5 (compared to 5++ for Plushwalk). It also offers fantastic value for money; the perfect option if you’d like to invest in a high-quality product and keep costs down.





Carpet underlay available for an affordable price
Tredaire Dreamwalk - £4.46 per m2

Another highly regarded and popular carpet underlay.

Made from 11mm PU foam, Tredaire Dreamwalk is very similar in its construction to Cloud 9 Cumulus. As such, it offers many of the same benefits. It has an excellent TOG rating, a 5* durability rating, and the same comfort rating. It even outperforms Cloud 9 in terms of its sound insulation. 

Yet, it’s available for the cheaper price of just £66.99 per roll.






Cost-effective carpet underlay
Wilsons 56OZ Wool Felt Underlay – £3.67 per m2

From a cost point of view, the benefits of a wool felt underlay are two-fold.

Firstly, as it’s made from 100% recycled materials, it’s cheap. We also currently have a special offer code (ENV5), which entitles you to a 5% discount at checkout and reduces the cost even further.

Secondly, measuring 15mm thick, it’s fantastic for insulation. Wilsons 56OZ Wool Felt Underlay has an impressive TOG rating of 3.6. Which means it successfully retains heat – preventing it from being lost through the floor – and will help to keep your energy bills to a minimum in the long term.

It also demonstrates a respectable comfort rating of 4++ and is incredibly tough and hard-wearing.




Cheap carpet underlay available in our online store
Super 8mm Carpet Underlay – £2.99 per m2

For customers who are on a particularly tight budget. Super 8mm Carpet Underlay is a high-quality product at the low end of the price scale.

It holds its own in terms of performance, boasting a level of underfoot comfort that rivals some of the best carpet underlays in the industry. And despite costing just £44.99 per roll, it will successfully enhance the final look and feel of your carpet.

A savvy choice if you’re worried about cost.



Contact our underlay experts today

Further information on the different underlays available – and the best underlays to suit various budgets – can be found in our previous blogs. For example, here we provide a direct comparison of Plushwalk 12mm, Cloud 9 Cumulus and Dreamwalk. And here we offer detailed advice on how to lay carpet on a budget. So before parting with your cash, it’s worth taking a look at these.

Ultimately, the best carpet underlay for you will come down to your bank balance.

At Carpet Underlay Shop, we always aim to keep our prices as competitive as possible – and despite the soaring cost of living, this hasn’t changed. All of our products offer excellent value for money. So, whatever your budget, we’re confident we can supply the ideal underlay at the ideal price.

If you have any questions – or would like tailored advice on your project – please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can give us a call any time on 0203 887 0994. Or if you prefer, send an email to and we’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.



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