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Do I need artificial grass underlay?

Do I need artificial grass underlay?

Underlay? For artificial grass? Is that really necessary?

Yes, it is – and if you’re serious about laying fake turf, we’d highly recommend it.

True, it is an extra expense for something that will inevitably be hidden underground. And we admit, your grass won’t technically be greener on the other side thanks to the addition of artificial grass underlay. But it will look, feel and perform at its absolute best.

Not convinced?

As a full-blown advocate of this foamy sub-layer, here we list some of the main benefits that fake grass underlay can offer – and why you should 100% add it to your basket before checking out.


6 benefits of artificial grass foam underlay


1. Quicker installation process

Fake grass underlay greatly reduces the amount of ground preparation required. There’s no need to excavate the area or spend hours digging up earth and laying foundations. The underlay can simply be rolled out – over your existing concrete patio, decking or soil – and fitted into place.

Whether you’re planning to DIY or have chosen to hire a professional, the job will be completed much quicker – saving you both time and money and minimising any inconvenience.


2. Soft and cushioned

Artificial grass is designed to provide the same comfort levels as natural turf. But with the addition of a high-quality grass underlay, it’s possible to ramp up this comfort. Typically made from a spongey memory foam, the underlay significantly enhances the feel of the fake grass – making it much softer underfoot and creating a cushioned, luxurious surface for you to walk on.


Soft grass due to artificial grass foam underlay


3. Improved aesthetic appeal

Worried about laying your fake turf on an uneven surface?

Artificial grass foam underlay will successfully hide any imperfections, concealing any bumps or ridges and levelling off the ground to ensure a smooth, flat finish.

If fitted directly onto the ground, unsightly lines and streaks can often appear in the artificial grass (caused by the decking, concrete, soil etc. underneath). But again, as an extra layer sandwiched between the two, underlay can help to prevent this – significantly enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your new fake lawn and notably improving its final look.


4. Longevity

Due to the materials from which it’s made, artificial grass underlay acts as a fantastic absorber.

Not only can it withstand heavy levels of footfall, it easily ‘springs back’ following any kind of impact – therefore reducing the level of day-to-day wear and tear and helping to prolong the lifespan of your grass.

On average, fake turf will last up to 50% longer with the addition of an underlay.


5. Safety

Fake grass itself is both pet- and child-friendly – but adding underlay will help to boost its safety.

Thanks to the cushioned composition of the foam, it adds an extra layer of protection, softening the impact in the event of any trips and falls and minimising the risk of injury. In fact, most are compliant with thresholds set by the internationally-recognised Head Injury Criterion (HIC).

Grass underlay is also completely non-toxic and odourless. And thanks to its perforated hole design, water (and pet urine) can simply drain away – successfully handling your pet’s nature calls and helping to maintain a dry and hygienic surface at all times. 


Benefit of using fake grass underlay


6. Cost savings

Artificial turf underlay may seem like an unnecessary extra expense – but in our opinion, it’s worth its weight in gold and can actually lead to a number of cost savings.

For example, you may be able to buy a cheaper artificial grass. The underlay will enhance the look and feel of the fake lawn, essentially creating the same effect as a high-end product. So why bother paying a lot? Our advice is to invest in underlay and offset the cost with less expensive turf.

As previously mentioned, underlay also makes the installation process much quicker and easier. Even if you’re a DIY novice, with the help of our step-by-step guide, you should be able to lay the underlay (and artificial grass) yourself – avoiding the cost of a professional fitter. 



Have we managed to persuade you?

If you’re impressed by these benefits and would like to add underlay to your order, our current recommendation is Soft Turf Artificial Grass Shock Pad – priced at £63.50.

Constructed from enhanced memory foam, this can be fitted on both soft and hard surfaces – either loosely or secured in place with staples, nails or pegs. Boasting all of the advantages listed above, it’s the perfect product for both domestic and commercial projects. So why not take a look?

If you’re still not convinced or would like to learn more about Soft Turf before making a purchase, further information can be found in our blog ‘Which is the best shockpad underlay for artificial grass?’.

You’re also welcome to get in touch at any time. Yes, we may be biased – we think artificial grass underlay is always a must! But we’ll answer your questions honestly and can offer expert advice on the best option for your specific needs. Simply give us a call on 0203 887 0994. Or if you prefer, send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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