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Sterling Royale Premium Underlay

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You can add a luxury, sophisticated feel to your property with the Sterling Royale premium carpet underlay. Every property in the country can become a palace in its own right thanks to this product - the world’s finest premium underlay.

Fit for royalty and already utilised in stately homes and palaces all across the planet, Sterling Royale is the best-kept secret in luxury living but we are happy to share this premium underlay with Carpet Underlay Shop customers.

Ideal for being used in extravagant living areas, spectacular bedrooms and on grand staircases, it offers unmatched cushioning and comfort to your home. It also has eco-friendly, insulative and durable properties.

Produced and supplied and directly from the heart of the textile industry in Yorkshire, Sterling Royale is made from 80% high-quality wool. If you require a premium carpet underlay, then look no further than this magnificent product.

Full roll of Sterling Royale Premier Combination Carpet Underlay
Sterling Royale - Premier Combination Carpet Underlay from £9.00 Per m2

Combination (Felt & Rubber) Carpet Underlay

From Only £9.00