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Stair, Hall and Landing Underlay

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Your hall, stairs & landing take the highest amount of foot traffic and punishment in your home. Therefore, Underlay needs to be hard wearing and durable, as light domestic underlays will not provide the protection required on stairs. The Halls and Landings underlay has to protect the carpet on the edges of each stair so choosing a quality product fit for the job is important.

If your looking for the best underlay, we recommend Plushwalk 12mm. This underlay uses memory foam which gives your carpets the ultimate soft feeling underfoot as well as durability & longevity. 

If you have chosen a really deep/thick looppile carpet, we recommend combination underlay's. These underlays are a little thinner in thickness than the Plushwalk underlay and are easier for the carpet fitter to fit (when it comes to stairs). Combination underlays have a soft felt topping and a crumb rubber base made from recycled car tyres which is also a more environmentally friendly underlay.

For wooden or laminate flooring in the hall, you need to use a specialist laminate flooring underlay such as TimberHush 3mm

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