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Which is the best flooring for dogs?

Which is the best flooring for dogs?

Get a puppy this Christmas?

It’s a lovely idea, guaranteed to bring a little joy to the family home. But, as the saying goes – a dog is for life, not just for Christmas. And to accommodate your new furry friend, you may need to reconsider your flooring choices.  

From little ‘accidents’ in the lounge to muddy paws in the hallway, puppies can cause a lot of destruction in a short space of time. And as a proud new owner, it may be worth taking up those cream carpets and investing in something a little more durable.

So what is the best flooring for dogs? And how can you keep it in good condition, despite the wear and tear that will ensue? Here we take a closer look.


Choosing the ideal flooring for dogs – what to consider

The best option for you will, ultimately, depend on the breed, size, and age of your new four-legged companion. But for all dog-owners, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind:


1. Scratch resistance

Even the most well-manicured paws can do a lot of damage, particularly if you have an energetic puppy that loves ‘rough and tumble’ play. Therefore, when choosing dog-friendly flooring, it’s important to look for something that won’t easily scratch and scuff.


2. Water resistance

All puppies need to be toilet trained. And it’s a fact, until they learn to wait for ‘walkies’, indoor puddles are inevitable. Their water bowl is also bound to get knocked over at some point. Which is why, it’s crucial to select a flooring type that’s at least water-resistant. 


3. Maintenance

To avoid any stains or odours, pet-friendly flooring needs to be easy to clean. Whether you’ve been out for a walk in the rain or there are tumbleweeds of hair floating around your home, dogs can be messy and low-maintenance flooring can help to lessen the burden.


4. Comfort

Lastly, it’s important to invest in a floor covering that’s safe and comfortable for your pooch. Ideally, it needs to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It should also have good traction. Whilst a slippery surface may be fine for a puppy, senior dogs may struggle.


Dog walking on pet-friendly flooring


Our recommended flooring for dogs?

With the factors above in mind, our advice is to opt for either laminate flooring or luxury vinyl tiles.

Carpets may be soft and cosy, but that’s where their benefits end. They certainly aren’t the most practical flooring for dogs – difficult to maintain, easy to stain and susceptible to wear and tear. Not ideal if your pup is still being toilet trained or likes to chew everything in sight! By contrast, laminate flooring ticks all the right boxes:


It’s scratch-resistant, particularly if it has an abrasion class (AC) of 3 or higher


It’s easy to clean – fur won’t stick to the surface and can be easily mopped


It’s water-resistant and less sensitive to moisture than other materials


It’s stylish, designed to mimic the look of real hardwood flooring


The only downside is that it can be slippery. But this issue can be easily overcome with the addition of a few rugs and carpet runners. Alternatively, luxury vinyl tiles benefit from all the useful traits listed above, whilst also offering enough grip for your dog to feel safe and secure on their feet.


The best dog-friendly flooring

Here at Carpet Underlay Shop, we stock both of these dog-friendly flooring options.

Our Royale® 8mm laminate flooring is AC-4 rated and offers exceptional levels of scratch, stain, water and impact resistance. Constructed from high-strength wood board, it’s designed to last for many years – no matter how boisterous doggo may be. And is available for just £19.99 per m2.

To prevent the click, clacking of paws, and maximise the lifespan of your new laminate, we recommend pairing it with Royale® 7mm Professional Sonic Gold Underlay. This will successfully reduce impact noise by up to 37dB, whilst also enhancing the overall look and feel of the floor.


Best flooring for dogs


Our Royale® LVT flooring is also a fantastic flooring choice for dogs. ISO 9001 quality approved, it demonstrates excellent water resistance. And thanks to its thick four-layer construction, with a top ‘wear layer’ measuring 0.5mm, it’s highly resilient to scratches and scuffs.

Priced at just £24.99 per m2, this is an affordable and effective option for all dog-owners.

Again, to ensure the best results and bolster the acoustic insulation of your new LVT, we advise fitting it with Royale® LVT Vinyl Click Underlay. This is one of the very best products in the industry. Made from toughened foam, it acts as a great shock absorber and reduces noise by up to 20dB.


Pet-friendly flooring

Got a question about pet-friendly flooring?

To learn more about the best flooring for dogs – and the options currently available in our store – please don’t hesitate to get in touch. It’s important to get it right, both for the safety and comfort of your new furry companion and your own sanity! And we can help to point you in the right direction.

Always on hand to share our flooring expertise, you’re welcome to call us at any time on 0203 887 0994. Or if you prefer, send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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