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Which is the best flooring for a bathroom?

Which is the best flooring for a bathroom?

Shut your eyes and picture your bathroom with a plush, loop-pile carpet.

Did the thought send a shudder down your spine?

Yep, us too. Bathroom carpeting is a 70s trend that (mercifully) you don’t see a lot of these days. Underfoot sogginess. Mould. Visible stains. Invisible bacteria. There are plenty of reasons why it isn’t the best flooring for a bathroom and, as a result, is now usually avoided.

Instead, you need something that can stand up to moisture.

Whilst fully waterproof flooring is only technically required for a wet room, the bathroom is always the dampest, most humid part of the home. To avoid any issues, it’s usually best to steer clear of anything that could potentially be damaged by water – such as a 70s-style carpet or solid hardwood. And just stick to flooring options that offer effective water resistance.

Here are our top recommendations.


3 water-resistant bathroom flooring options

1. Vinyl flooring

Vinyl is currently our no.1 choice for the family bathroom.

Compared to most other types of bathroom flooring, it offers superior levels of water resistance. Not only is it resilient to the effects of day-to-day water splashes and bathroom humidity, it’s also impervious to any dampness in the subfloor – even without the addition of an underlay.

Generally speaking, it can be installed directly onto the subfloor of your bathroom, and won’t suffer any sort of water damage (e.g. warping, curling etc.) due to the long-term moisture exposure.

Water-resistant vinyl flooring is also a practical choice for the bathroom, as it is:

  • incredibly durable, capable of standing up to high levels of daily foot traffic
  • soft and comfortable underfoot
  • easy to keep clean and maintain high levels of hygiene

Here at Carpet Underlay Shop, we recently added a new range of Grandismo vinyl to our flooring collection. This starts from just £52.60 (for a 2m2 roll) and comes in a diverse selection of designs, including everything from distressed oak and herringbone to decorative patterns and slate tiles.

A stylish and savvy choice for any bathroom revamp.


Water-resistant vinyl flooring


2. Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT)

Another ideal bathroom flooring that provides effective water resistance.

Made from embossed vinyl with a top wear layer, just like sheet vinyl flooring, LVT is resilient to both the effects of daily bathroom dampness and subfloor moisture. It’s also very durable, soft and warm underfoot and easy to wipe – making it a convenient and hygienic choice for the bathroom.

However, it’s worth pointing out – as the tiles click together (a bit like laminate flooring), and are laid together as a ‘floating floor’, the addition of a high-quality LVT underlay is usually recommended.

As part of our flooring range, we currently stock Royale LVT Click Flooring in a variety of colours, as well as the complementary Royale LVT Vinyl Underlay – available for just £3.60 per m2.

Made from impact-resistant toughened foam with a silver foam backing, this improves the stability of the vinyl tiles and creates a damp-proof membrane – helping to lock out any water, maximising the water resistance of the flooring itself and ensuring it lasts for many years in a humid environment.


Ideal bathroom flooring and LVT underlay


3. Laminate flooring

Laminate can be a bit of a controversial choice for the bathroom.

As it’s made with a wood fibre core, it’s very easy for it to absorb excess water and moisture – and, over time, this can sometimes lead to damage such as distortion, buckling and warping.

However, there are ways to help prevent these issues.

For example, be sure to look for high-quality water-resistant laminate flooring, such as the 8mm Royale Laminate currently available in our store. Remember to acclimatise the planks in your bathroom for at least 48 hours before their installation. And always fit your bathroom laminate with the addition of a good laminate underlay.


Underlay for water-resistant laminate flooring


Our current recommendation is Royale 7mm Professional Sonic Gold.

Made from a unique foam formula with a thick gold backing, this features an in-built damp-proof membrane – which creates an effective barrier against any moisture in the subfloor and protects against all of the potential water damage listed above.

It will also successfully improve the look, feel and overall performance of your chosen laminate.




Browse our collection of ideal bathroom flooring

When it comes to bathroom flooring, water and moisture resistance should be at the very top of your wish list – followed closely by durability, easy maintenance and style. And here at Carpet Underlay Shop, we have a selection of options that tick all the right boxes.

So, put those thoughts of soggy bathroom carpet out of your mind.

Sheet vinyl, LVT and laminate are the only three flooring types you need to consider. And whichever you’d prefer, you’re bound to find a style in our range that suits your bathroom décor. Along with the underlays and accessories required to ensure they’re fully protected from wet and humid conditions.  

Why not take a look? And if you have any further questions about the best flooring for a bathroom, or the types of bathroom flooring available in our store, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can give us a call on 0203 887 0994, or just send an email to and a member of the team will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.


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