Click Fraud Using Carpet Underlay to Soundproof your home - 5 Reasons

Using Carpet Underlay to soundproof your home

Using Carpet Underlay to soundproof your home

Nobody likes a noisy neighbour – Soundproof your home with acoustic underlay to keep your neighbour’s sweet!

With soundproof underlay, you have the opportunity to keep your volumes to a minimum, as well as thermally insulating your home efficiently. Here at Carpet Underlay Shop, we have a wide range of acoustic flooring for you to choose from, ensuring that it suits your needs, so don’t hesitate to check out our extensive range here!

There are several reasons why you need sound insulation between floors, including the following:



The simple addition of acoustic underlay is extremely effective in the sense that you can improve the look and feel of your carpets but also add value to your property. Here at Carpet Underlay Shop, we have a wide range of soundproof underlay, including Cloud 9 Cumulus Underlay. Tredaire Colours Red Sponge Rubber underlay has an ultra high rating of 46Db  with Carpenter Deepstep PU foam also at 46db, both offering a superb solution to noise reduction in the home.

The Cloud 9 Cumulus Underlay is a PU sponge carpet underlay which is designed to be long-lasting and prevent overstretching. Why not add this acoustic underlay to your living room, dining room, bedroom or stairs, or any areas that are susceptible to heavy footfall for that matter?


Ease of installation

With acoustic underlay for laminate flooring, you needn’t worry about it being efficient. It’s quick and easy to install the sound insulation between floors, requiring little to no downtime.

Our soundproof underlay can be applied to almost any room in the home, it’s so easy that you can even do it yourself! If you require any assistance with the installation of the acoustic flooring, the team here at Carpet Underlay Shop will be more than willing to provide you with sufficient information and advice.


Excluding drafts

When you soundproof your home, why not choose acoustic flooring that acts as a draft excluder too?

Envirolay 54 Felt Carpet Underlay is an ideal option for you to consider. Installing this underlay to your flooring will make your home substantially more comfortable and provide extra support and stability.


High performance

You’ll want your acoustic underlay to act as a shock absorber, especially if you live in a busy household. Your carpets will be susceptible to heavy footfall, hence why you need soundproof underlay!

The underlay we supply for soundproofing your home is all made to offer the highest quality, so you needn’t worry about receiving excellent value for money.

It’s only right that you want your underlay to fit perfectly in your home, hence why we cut each material to shape and size.


Improving impact and airborne sound

Using carpet underlay in the home is ideal if you want to prevent unwanted airborne and impact noise. Do you need to reduce the sound associated with footfall or the sound of moving furniture? This is referred to as impact noise and our acoustic flooring is an effective solution!

Airborne noise ranges from anything from the sound of your TV, when those pesky teens to decide to stay up late gaming, to conversations on a different floor in the home, so if you want to keep your volumes to a minimum, our soundproof underlay is perfect!

To find out more about carpet underlay in the home, call us on 01274 905413 today!

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