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Is wall-to-wall carpet making a comeback?

Is wall-to-wall carpet making a comeback?

For decades, the only real carpet trend has been to rip it up.

Flooring in the 21st century has been all about wood and laminate. With plush shagpiles and textured Berbers being replaced left, right and centre with hard surfaces. But things are changing.

Whilst hard flooring options are enduringly popular (and not about to go anywhere), wall-to-wall carpets are making an official comeback – in a big, and very stylish, way.


What is wall-to-wall carpet?

Also sometimes referred to as ‘fitted carpet’ or ‘broadloom’, wall-to-wall carpet gets its name from the way it’s manufactured – in long, wide rolls.

These rolls are designed to be fitted in large rooms or across expansive areas, covering the space from ‘wall to wall’ in just a few pieces. Or in some cases, even just with one single piece. And as a result, they create a seamless and luxurious look.

Here’s why they’re predicted to be the ‘it’ choice for homeowners and interior designers in 2023.


5 reasons why wall-to-wall carpet is trending


1. Warmth

One of the main advantages of carpet is that it’s warm.

Thick and plush, it adds an extra layer of thermal insulation – helping to reduce unnecessary heat loss through the subfloor and potentially lowering your gas and electric bill in the process. Something we’re all attempting to do amidst the cost of living crisis and soaring energy prices!

Wall-to-wall carpet may cost more initially. But for many homeowners – particularly those living in older properties – it can be a savvy investment, helping you to save money in the long run.


Carpet underlay for use with wall-to-wall carpet

 A high-quality underlay can also be used to boost warmth even further.

Here at Carpet Underlay Shop, our no.1 recommendation for use with carpets is Plushwalk 12mm. Made from a ‘bounce back’ memory foam – a natural insulator – and measuring 12mm thick, this provides superior thermal protection and boasts an incredibly high 3.5 TOG rating.

It also has an integrated damp-proof membrane, which stops dampness from rising from the subfloor.

Available for just £6.99 per m2, it’s an effective way to enhance the insulating properties of a carpet, and can make the room feel considerably cosier.


2. Luxurious

A key décor trend at the moment is ‘cosy glamour’.

Having spent so much time at home during the pandemic, people are now moving away from sleek, minimalist interiors – and looking to create cosy, comforting spaces. And carpets fit the bill perfectly.

Open the door to a luxurious wall-to-wall carpet and the urge to take your shoes off is immediate.

Sumptuously soft, no other flooring cover makes a room feel more welcoming or cosy. And with the addition of a carpet underlay – such as Plushwalk 12mm – this cosiness is intensified even further. Sandwiched between the carpet and subfloor, it enhances the feel and significantly improves underfoot comfort.


Walking on luxurious wall-to-wall carpet with underlay


3. Low cost

Wall-to-wall isn’t just back – it’s resurfaced with a price point to make sure it stays.

No longer reserved for those with a generous budget. Due to developments in technology, it’s now incredibly easy to manufacture excellent quality, durable carpets at a much lower cost. And many higher-end carpets are available to the customer for a more reasonable, affordable price.

What’s more, advancements in underlay have also been a game changer. Plushwalk – and other similar products – can greatly improve the performance of even the most inexpensive carpets. Meaning, you can spend less overall and still have a carpet that looks and feels fantastic.


4. Style

Innovations in carpet technology have also led to an increase in selection.

These days, there are so many carpet styles and types to choose from – including a variety of loop sizes, different textures and weaves and a diverse range of designs, patterns and colourways.

With so many choices available, it’s much easier to make flooring a central part of your interior design. Carpet no longer has to be an afterthought. Depending on your tastes, you can opt for one that’s timelessly elegant or something bold and brave, and the entire room can be styled around it.


Variety of wall-to-wall carpet styles


5. Practical

‘Practical’ and ‘carpet’ aren’t two words that you’d ever expect to put together.

But compared to the beige loop piles of the 90s, modern-day carpets are now made with easy maintenance in mind. Carpet textures are designed specifically to resist stains. And any day-to-day dirt can be quickly and easily dealt with simply by using a hoover and a wet microfibre cloth.

Plus, we now have the luxury of professional carpet cleaning. Which means, if an ‘accident’ was to happen, the carpet can be thoroughly washed, rinsed and dried in as little as 30 minutes.


Jumping on the carpet trend?

Carpet may have taken a back seat for the last two decades, but it’s back with a bang. And if you’re ready to cover your house wall-to-wall, we can supply that much-needed carpet underlay – to accompany your cosy and comforting flooring and ensure it looks and feels its absolute best. 

As mentioned above, Plushwalk 12mm would be our recommendation for most home projects.

However, we have a diverse range of underlay types and brands to choose from – with something to suit all needs and budgets. All of which are competitively priced and available for home delivery. So why not browse the collection today?

And keep in mind, we’re always happy to help. If you have any questions – about this latest carpet trend, the best carpet underlay for your specific wall-to-wall carpet or any of our products – please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can give us a call at any time on 0203 887 0994. Or if you prefer, send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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