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How to keep the floor warm in winter

How to keep the floor warm in winter

There’s nothing worse than standing on an ice-cold floor on a winters day.

Hard flooring materials – such as wood, laminate and vinyl – are particularly notorious for being chilly underfoot. Even if you put the central heating on, they don’t retain the heat very well. And as a result, it’s your toes (and bank balance!) that pay the price.

Don’t fancy the hefty heating bill?

Fortunately, there are several affordable ways to ‘warm up’ your flooring – without cranking up the thermostat. The key is to maximise and maintain the overall heat levels in the room. And here we’ve rounded up some of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to do that.

Give them a try and keep your walkways as cosy as possible this winter.


3 cold floor solutions that don’t cost a fortune 


1. Underlay

As stylish and practical as they may be, hard flooring options have one main drawback:

They take on the temperature of whatever surface they’re fitted on.

If placed directly onto a concrete or plywood subfloor, wood, laminate and vinyl all adopt the naturally chilly properties of those materials – which in turn, makes them feel cold underfoot.

The simple solution to this is underlay.

Slotted between the subfloor and surface covering, underlay creates a barrier between these two layers – adding extra insulation and increasing the R-value (i.e. resistance to heat flow) of your flooring. As such, even on the chilliest days, it remains at a much more comfortable temperature.

It also helps to trap any air that travels up through the floor, whist reducing the amount of heat lost to the underground – therefore making a big difference to the room’s overall warmth.


Laminate underlay to improve warmth of flooring


Here at Carpet Underlay Shop, we stock a wide range of insulative wood floor and laminate underlays. All of which are low-cost and act as a fantastic ‘cold floor solution’. But to maximise underfoot comfort, our no.1 recommendation is Royale 7mm Professional Sonic Gold Underlay

Due to its unique foam structure and gold foil backing, this is the thickest product of its kind – measuring 7mm – and boasts an impressive 1.0 TOG rating. As a result, it offers advanced, superior heat insulation. And at just £7.33 per m2, it’s one of the most affordable ways to warm up your wood or laminate flooring.





LVT underlay to improve the insulation of luxury vinyl flooring


Alternatively, if you’re looking to improve the underfoot temperature of vinyl flooring or luxury vinyl tiles, LVT Acoustic Underlay by Royale is also a great option. 

Made from a high-density, toughened foam and backed with a thick silver foil, it creates an effective barrier between the subfloor and floor covering – significantly improving its thermal insulation and keeping it at a consistently comfortable temperature underfoot.

Available for just £3.60 per m2, it’s a savvy choice for anyone looking to keep their vinyl as warm and comfortable as possible. 




2. Draught excluders

Sometimes, it’s the old school methods that work the best.

If you’re struggling with chilly flooring, one of the easiest solutions is to invest in a couple of draught excluders – particularly ‘door snake’ styles. These are available from most DIY stores and are a fantastic (and affordable) way to block ground-level air from moving from room to room.

As well as the doors and windows, it’s also worth considering other areas where warm air could be escaping (and cold air could be sneaking in!). Common culprits include letterbox brushes, chimney balloons and even keyhole coverings. Is there anything you could use to the block the flow of air?

Simple ‘air sealing’ measures can make a surprising difference to your home’s temperature. And as a result, can both improve the feel of your flooring and reduce your energy bills.


3. Area rugs

Another classic yet effective cold flooring solution.

Just like wood floor and laminate underlay, an area rug will add an extra layer of insulation – helping to reduce any heat loss through the floor. Plus, as they’re typically made from a soft and plush material (similar to a carpet), they naturally feel much warmer than hard flooring.

Place them strategically in areas that people walk barefoot, such as next to the sofa or bed, or near doorways. And not only will they provide additional warmth, they’ll make the space look significantly cosier and more welcoming.



Example of cold floor solution



Don’t get cold feet – buy your underlay today

With more cold weather forecasted and energy bills rising to unprecedented levels, now is the perfect time to invest in a few ‘accessories’ for your hard flooring – helping to maintain a comfortable temperature and reduce heat loss through the subfloor.

No need to turn up the thermostat or drive up your heating bill.

Just invest in some wood and laminate or LVT underlay from our online collection. And look for any quick wins or ‘cold floor solutions’ that may also help to keep warm air in and cold air out.

If you have any questions about the products available in our store, or would like further advice on how to keep your floor warm in winter, you’re more than welcome to get in touch.

As a leading underlay supplier, we have excellent knowledge in this area and are always happy to help. Either give us a call on 0203 887 0994 to speak to a member of the team directly. Or send an email to and we’ll respond as soon as possible.


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