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Entrance Matting

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At Carpet Underlay Shop, we supply the coir doormat in the famous Bruce Starke brand. The Bruce Starke coir door mats have been supplied for over 100 years, so you can rest assured that they’ll provide you with the most luxurious finish and feel to your homes entrance!

The products we have in stock are all designed to offer exceptional quality so don’t hesitate to find something suitable from our immense selection of entrance matting.

Entrance mats for homes are the first thing that visitors will see when they enter your property so it needs to be stylish, subtle and practical. The entrance matting from Carpet Underlay Shop is easy to clean and ideal for creating a welcoming feel to your property. Install one of our entrance mats for homes to prevent dirt from entering your property, they’re not only a stylish addition to make, they can protect and maintain the quality of your carpets and flooring which will be prone to heavy foot traffic!

As well as this, we supply commercial entrance mats. These are hard-wearing which makes them perfect for preventing slip hazards and are installed to keep maintenance costs low. Our range of entrance mats for homes and commercial entrance mats are suitable for an array of budgets- ensuring you get the most out of your carpets for longer.

Check out the distinct types of entrance matting we provide!

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